Britney & Her Boys In London


Britney Spears, 27, was snapped out shopping at Hamleys toy store in London with Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2.

Britney looks great!

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  1. says

    i agree with britney only holding jayden she never holds sean anymore its always somebody else holding him or hes walking i would like to see britney holding sean but he may to be to heavy or she wants to bond with jay but it just seems for the past 2 years of jays life shes always holding him i hope that sean dosent feel left out when britney’s holding james but im sure she holds preston at home and give im lots of attetieon

  2. oriana says

    The little one looks just like her but she does carry him a lot, I think he is very clingy to her. Both boys are cute but Sean is the cutest to me. Brit does look good and seems to be doing fine, thanks to her father.

  3. N says

    ^^ OR maybe she has a bond with sean and since she had her issues during jadens younger years she is trying to form a bond with him?

  4. emma says

    I really hate that she never holds Preston it is always JJ she holds. The bodyguard or who ever is with her always has Preston.

  5. SbK says

    What cute little boys, I love the little pink shirt!! Britney is looking really good lately, she does look very happy and content. Good for her!

  6. Karen Browning says

    I’m glad she’s looking (and doing) so much better. I’m surprised her kids are only 3 and 2, it seems like its been so much longer than that!

  7. Lauren says

    Britney’s boys are getting so big!! Adorable! Britney looks amazing! So much more content and happier. (:

  8. lupe says

    those boys are sooooo cute! jayden is britney mini me and Preston take after both parents but has the same facial expression as britney ex-husband (can’t remember his name!)

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