Heidi Klum & Family Out For Lunch In Beverly Hills


An expectant Heidi Klum, 36, was snapped with Leni, 5, and Henry, 3, during a family lunch outing to IL Fornaio in Beverly Hills over the weekend. Reportedly, Seal got physical with photographers when leaving through the back door of the restaurant.

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  1. katty says

    Oh and # 11 you’re so right. She does look like the Olsens. When they were teens they were the most beautiful girls in the world so you know Leni is going to be gorgeous too. Even prettier than Heidi!

  2. katty says

    She looks too much like Flavio for her not to be his. Any rumours of other fathers are just pointless jabs at Heidi

  3. Anon says

    I think it’s a well-known “Secret” here in Germany, that Flavio is not Lenis’s dad and he said that too. He said her father is a german Talkshow Host and it’s rumored that it could be R. Beckmann. When you use google with the keywords Leni Kum Reinhold Beckmann, a few hundred sites pop up.
    But thats not a fact @ Flavio,only a Rumor 😉

  4. LaLa says

    #7 Flavio – who said Reinhold is her father? He never even dated Heidi so how can he be Leni’s father? Just because he was born in Germany? Why do you make this stuff up?

  5. Dnice says

    I’m glad Leni is growing into Heidi’s looks. She is so pretty. She used to be the spitting image of her biological dad Flavio Briatore. I’m glad she shed his looks considering he wanted nothing to do with her.

  6. Amanda says

    Pretty girl, it seems Heidi plans to expand her family. if she wants to stay in shape while expanding it, she must consider adopting from poor countries liike other celebs do!

  7. Alex says

    Leni is such a good mix of flaviro and hedi the whole family is gorgeous i cant wait for the new baby

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