First Pic Of Kendra Wilkinson's Baby Bump!


Kendra Wilkinson is only a few weeks into her first pregnancy, but she is already enjoying showing off her baby bump!

In a post on her official blog, Kendra writes about the first official pic of her growing belly.

She writes:
“now that my news is out in the open, im so excited to introduce to u hanks and my little bundle of joy!!!!  i took this pic during a photo shoot in europe to send to hank since he missed me and my growing belly so much!  lololol.

now that my pregnancy isnt a secret anymore i can keep u guys updated with more pics as i get bigger and bigger 😉

hope youre all as excited as i am!!!!!!!!”



  1. Jan says

    I’m so happy for Kendra. I wish her and Hank the very best!!
    Their both gonna b great parents. To the people that are here just talking crap. Why the hell are u here than. U took the time to come on this site read about her, and comment. so u care enough. Grow the hell up.
    Who’s immature now!!!!!

  2. oriana says

    Jennifer, I do think she will be a good Mom and I said that. However, she isn’t that intelligent, she acts and speaks so ignorant most of the time. I am going by her own actions and words of her mother and Hef. It isn’t being mean, it is just an observation and my thoughts.

  3. jennifer says

    i am sooo happy for kendra i think she will bean exellent mom i saw the premiere of her show and it really seems like her and hank are in love and its nice to see she is actually excited to get big whereas other celebrities worry about the wieght gain it seems like she really wants to take in the experience of being pregnant. and if you dont have anything nice to say kindly dont post anything let her enjoy this period in her life and back off just because she is not a genous it doesnt mean she wont be a good mom

  4. oriana says

    Had anyone ever heard of her becoming one of Hef’s girlfriends? She is pretty, but as stupid as can be! Loud mouthed and I think her boyfriend could have done better. She may have a good heart, but she is not very smart at all, even Hef said that about her. I hope this marriage lasts and for some reason I do think she will be a good mother.

  5. mant0066 says

    i agree with you ,don’t know the reason but i think she is a little thing of every good thing ,funny ,nice ,pretty ,lucky,etc.i think she’s gonna be a good mama .


    17. Renee | June 12th, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Kendra is one of those people who would usually annoy me, but for some reason I just can’t help but think she’s adorable. Nice baby bump there. She must be concave when she’s not pregnant.

  6. says

    I think it’s great that she is this excited about her baby. A lot of professional models would probably be more worried about their looks.

  7. morvicaud says

    Jessica, we come here to read about people we care and post comments if we have any on anybody we please. If you get annoyed by our comments, that’s your choice babe ’cause we don’t ask that much of attention! :o)

  8. Niloofar says

    Rainne, maybe you’re right, but in my book when a woman give birth to her baby, she would think about how to raise her child all the time and forget all the pleasures ,she had before. I mean she will focuse her attention to her child 🙂

  9. Cocoa says

    She’s 24 years old – that’s hardly a kid. We all like to party before we have kids, once we have them we stop, that’s called normal. You don’t know her…

  10. Rainne says

    I cant imagine this kid with a kid. i wonder if she will be responsible enough and know how hard it is to raise a kid. she loves to party she cant do that wih a kid and drink cant do that either. poor child!!!

  11. Jessica says

    To all those who are so uninterested in celebrity baby news, perhaps BabyRazzi–A Site For Publishing CELEBRITY BABY NEWS for crying out loud–is not the site for you!!!! So leave!!!! If you were uninterested in endangered species, as an example, would you then choose to spend your free time on websites about endangered species??? Stop coming on to this website if you have no interest in celebrity baby news, it really doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

  12. Niloofar says

    I agree with Cocoa and Lia (k5 mommy), I think she’ll make a good mom, she’s a hot chick and I like her,if somebody here doesn’t know her, it doesn’t mean that she’s nobody!

    p.s: LIA, I really became sad when I became aware that your sister, Corinne, passed away, God bless her soul 🙂

  13. Cocoa says

    Nicole in Paris – I like your attitude. Truthfully I had never heard of her until seeing her on here but that doesn’t mean she is not newsworthy, in my opinion. In my inexplicable need to defend her I have discovered that she has done a lot and appeared in many movies…she’s a cutie. I agree – Playmates are very tacky and I don’t like the dumb-blonde imagine they all seem to have – but to each his own. I love this girl for being so happy about a baby, I think she will be a good mother.

  14. nicole in paris says

    I am glad that other people here are interested in this woman, because I certainly am not. But that is the nature of the internet – sometimes you are exposed to ideas/people that you wouldn’t normally be.

    I think ‘Playmates’ are outdated and tacky. Of course, that is just my opinion.

    They certainly aren’t what I call worthy of being labeled a ‘celebrity’ aka – a person who is celebrated by others.

    But I guess she is by some of babyrazzi readers, and I am cool with that – because I love this site and the comments are generally interesting.

  15. Georgia says

    awww im so happy for Kendra. She is the funniest chick, glad she found the love of a good man. Good luck to her and Hank

  16. Cocoa says

    PS. She’s a glamour model, Playboy Bunny and is on some tv show, so she does work and people do know her…

  17. Cocoa says

    Kate – Just because you don’t know who she is doesn’t mean she is “no one”…also she may not be as famous as other celebrities posted here but what more have they done “for this world” than her? That was a silly statement.

  18. Kate says

    Has our society reached a new low?

    Who the he** is this woman?

    She is no one and has done absolutely nothing for this world!

  19. Cocoa says

    Anyone who is this happy and excited to be a mom has an excellent chance at being a good one. I think she’s cute. I honestly, though, don’t know how even money gets Hugh Hefner these women. Holly Madison is another cute one, I really like her on Dancing With The Stars too.

    On another note, I see this site has finally been cleaned up! That’s great, it’s already a more pleasant place to visit. There will always be b*tchy comments, I may even post some myself, but that other stuff was just outright filthy and offensive.

    I also agree, well said on everything #24 Kx5 Mommy…!

  20. says

    Some of these comments ARE quite ridiculous. Celebrity baby crap? Not interested in anyone unless they’re finding a cure for cancer? You’re CLEARLY in the wrong place. Kindly move along. 😉

    While Kendra has chosen a lifestyle that I would never choose, I think she has a great heart. I’m excited to follow her pregnancy and the eventual birth of her first baby. P.S. Her laugh is HILARIOUS! 😀

  21. Jennifer says

    Kendra was a girlfriend to Hugh Hefner and was on the TV show “The Girls Next Door” for those who are questioning…

  22. Renee says

    Kendra is one of those people who would usually annoy me, but for some reason I just can’t help but think she’s adorable. Nice baby bump there. She must be concave when she’s not pregnant.

  23. Lauren says

    I think it’s adorable how excited Kendra is for her baby. I believe she’ll make a good mom. She only portrays someone ditzy on the shows so who knows what she really is like without the cameras.

  24. morvicaud says

    The comments are more interesting than her … who’s that anyway, does she actually DO something we should care of?

  25. Amanda says

    baby this, baby that!, it seems celebs are making babies just to show off. They know they aren’t gonna be wth their babies 24/7 since they can afford 100 nannies so they make them just so we can know and praise their “beautiful families” if u ask me that really sucks, poor little innocent babies

  26. SbK says

    What a cute little bump! It’s so sweet that they are both so excited. And #4 & #6, there are much, much worse people out there who have children. So what if she might not be that clever, I don’t know, but I’m sure you don’t need a PhD to be a good mum!

  27. nicole says

    like …………………………………………..who ………………………………….care


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