Sharon Stone & Sons At "A Time For Heroes" Carnival


Sharon Stone, 51, was snapped at the “A Time For Heros” carnival in Los Angeles to benefit the Pediatric AIDS Foundation on Sunday with sons Laird, 4, and Quinn, 2.

(Her oldest son, Roan, 9, is not pictured)

Splash News Online


  1. morvicaud says

    I think she’s a great looking 51 year old, I just don’t fancy her outfit, so calm down Pam P.
    Thanks aubrey lillian. I think it’s great she adopted the boys.
    I like her too.

  2. Mpule says

    Sharon, Sharon, Sharon you look much much younger than 51. If the boys are adopted then God bless her coz she’s doing a great job with them, they are happy kids, luv them…..

  3. Pam P says

    I must be looking at a different picture. She looks great for 51. And the boys look happy and loved.

    “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”

    – Thumper’s Mom

  4. SbK says

    Oh my goodness, she looks a sight for sore eyes, what a mess, I guess she hasn’t heard of ‘growing old gracefully’. Oh dear. I thought the boys might be adopted, they look nothing like her, not that she even really looks like her anymore!!

  5. aubrey lillian says

    Adorable little boys morv she didn’t give birth to the little boys she adopted all her sons.

  6. morvicaud says

    This outfit makes her look sooooo 51! Well, I would criticise her for trying to look 20 if she did, so I guess this is ok but she overdid it.
    These kids are young!! Did she actually give birth to them?

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