Denise Richards & Lola At The "A Time For Heroes" Carnival


Denise Richards, 38, and Daughter Lola, 4, were snapped at the “A Time For Heros” carnival in Los Angeles to benefit the Pediatric AIDS Foundation on Sunday.

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  1. coco loco says

    sam and lola never smile. ever. they look like miserable little people who have stomached the bad vibes of their parents’ marriage. i feel sorry for them. seriously, has anyone seen a pic of these 2 girls actually smiling?

  2. morvicaud says

    joueala, I wouldn’t be surprised Sam doesn’t want to come along while Lola can’t really say no yet ’cause she is small enough to still be carried away … I feel so sorry for these two girls…

  3. joueala says

    yeah..motherhood didnt became a hindrance for her to stay sexy and young…unlike most celeb moms who look older than their age after the children were you think she favors lola more than sam?? i always see her in pics with lola (without sam)…

  4. morvicaud says

    That’s because she uses more time in salons than with her daugthers, Mpule. If I didn’t have to chase my boys all day long and wake up for them almost every nights, I would look like that too!

  5. maleah says

    Sam and Lola are miserable little girls both girls rarely smile. In most pictures we see of the girls one or both the girls always sucking on their thumb or carrying a blanket. Sad little girls. Don’t use the excuse you wouldn’t be smiling if there were camera everywhere you go. There are plenty celebrity children who smile with camera everywhere they go like violet Kingston neriah daisy and many more.

  6. morvicaud says

    I’m convince these girls are NOT happy. They ALWAYS look upset. Something tells me they don’t know their parents at all: they are some kind of strangers who take them out for showing off when there is time in their schedule.

  7. sue says

    She is adorable! And maybe they get carried a lot by their parents because there are paps shoving cameras in their faces and shouting things at them! Would you let your kid walk knowing that cameras would be shoved in her face and they would stalk her??! I don’t think so.

  8. oriana says

    Lola is very cute and getting so big. Glad to see she can walk. I get tired of seeing these celeb kids being carried all the time!

  9. KMS says

    Maybe her daughter is just shy! My little guy is 3 1/2 and isn’t a huge smiler when tons of people are around. Give her a break.

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