Brooke Burke & Daughters At The "A Time For Heroes" Carnival


Brooke Burke, 37, was snapped with daughters Neriah, 9, and Sierra, 7, at the “A Time For Heroes” carnival to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation on Sunday.

Splash News Online


  1. sue says

    What the hell are you talking about Kelly??! You sound insane. Nothing is wrong with releasing pics of your kids. Are you mad at all the other celebs who release photos as well?! What about if they are walking down the street? Perverts could be on the street! Should they wear sheets too?? You sound like the type of woman who blames the woman if she gets raped because she wore a short skirt.

  2. joueala says

    yeah!! i also love brooke’s dress..very SUMMER-y…they’re both brooke’s daughters…and i love the way brook handles motherhood..i dont think she’s really that pretty but she’s gotten more beautiful with the way she handles her kids..

  3. Kelly says

    I saw a tweet that Brooke sent out, and it was a picture of her son. I was shocked when I saw it knowing that she had follower’s in the 6 digit’s and she was letting the world know what her son looked like. It was for the most shallow reason asking her fan’s who he looked more like……her or david. I was shocked because doesn’t her or her companion know how many child predator’s are out there, not to mention her body is half naked all over the web; which would possibly be a clue as to the kind of people follow her. I know a lot of Mom’s do, but so do perverts. I know that paparazzi follow them but why would a Mother or Father deliberately expose a picture of their innocent child? I don’t get it!!!!!

  4. sue says

    Brooke is an inspiration. A wonderful mother and she looks smoking AMAZING!! She looks sooooo good!

  5. Aimee says

    I think Brooke is beautiful, but her girls are just pretty. They must look more like their father than they do their mother.

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