Gwyneth Paltrow Describes Her Son As A "Sensitive Thug"


A shiny Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show last night to promote her exclusive gym in New York City, which she has opened with her personal trainer, Tracey Anderson.

She instructed Conan on how to strengthen his glutes as she made him exercise during her interview.

Gwyneth also shared that her three-year-old son, Moses, is already a huge Jay-Z fan. “We actually call him our Sensitive Thug, which is a line from a Jay-Z song, as that characterizes him perfectly. He is so out of his mind, then he has these moments of amazing poetic and softness. The children definitely know their dad is a musician, I am not sure what they think I do, but they are definitely into their dad’s music. My son thinks that any white person is his dad. Any rock music is done by his daddy, and any rap is done by uncle Jay, Jay-Z. He watches Jay-Z videos all the time, so we have to put on the 99 Problems video because he is obsessed. That is so not appropriate.”



  1. BELLA says

    Remember a few months ago when “jen” found her true love(once again)What an ass he turned out to be!! hahah
    I find it sooooooooooooo funny!!!!

  2. Anne says

    When the show went to commercial she removed most of the oil from her legs. Had it been a leather chair she would have slid off it for sure and David’s show would have been quite entertaining and embarrassing for her.

  3. L says

    I saw this interview and she didn’t come off as a diva or a snob at all. In every interview that I have ever seen with her, I got a good impression of her and she seemed totally friendly and nice. Also, the quote that is shown here is pretty inaccurate, since she said all of that stuff over a period of 5 or 10 minutes and not all in one paragraph. The way that it is written on this blog makes it seem like Gwyneth just rambled on forever, which isn’t what happened.

  4. Jello says

    Well one thing I know, she is gorgeous and so are her kids. She seems like a snob but I probably would be too if I were her.

  5. says

    Their family seems just fine. And all kids say and do
    funny things. Let it be.
    And who is to say what her relationship with
    Chris Martin is. I am sure they are happy.
    People who are not as fun loving and living as she is
    thinks she is a diva. We do not know her. I sure would hate to be a celebrity.


    I guess Moses does not see his dad Chris much..Since he calling
    Jayz the one that was cheating on his wife with Rihanna.. Wow
    What about her daughter Apple… Jayz seems to be a big part
    of her life..!!

  7. Lushious Co Co says

    I do think that she over did it with the baby oil, but Hey..Do it big Gwen, and It is nice to see that SOME one is cultured as gwen! Representing H0VA aka Jay z! Because He listens to cold play!

  8. sarah says

    jeez – get a grip…why all the haters? sure, she has on a little too much of oil or whatever it is. but i watched the interview myself and never realised it until i saw the pic. maybe its a bad angle. nevertheless, moses sounds like a sweet kid, and i love BOTH gwyneth and chris.

  9. Aimee says

    Okay. First of all, she looks like she’s been
    dipped in olive oil. And, since when is
    a “sensitive thug” something a mama
    can be proud of. She’s a diva and
    she doesn’t deserve Chris Martin;
    he is magical.

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