Michael Jackson With His Son & Daughter


Michael Jackson, 50, was snappeed walking through a studio parking lot in Los Angeles with his son Prince, 12, and daughter Paris, 11. Walking through the lot, the two children initially didn’t have their usual masks on. It was only after they realized that they could be seen from the street that the children emerged from a building wearing masquerade type masks.

Michael Jackson also has a younger son named Prince Michael II, 7.

According to Michael, all three children were conceived with his sperm and a surrogate mother.

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  1. Barbara says

    You people are so dumb kids do not have to look darker to be mixed I am a black female and I have 2 grandsons that are mix there dad is black and there mom is white full white and my grandsons look white so you people need to get a life and stop trying to say the kids are not dark enough

  2. marie says

    all i know is that those kids are very good looking. if Joe gets a hold of them they will be ruined.. look what he did to his own kids and katherine stood by and did nothing. they are probably better off with diana ross..

  3. elida says

    hey guys.he is dead now.don’t get with his kids.they may not be his kids but its sure that he loves both of them. thats all i want to say..hello from albania<3

  4. vania says

    He was a great singer but I really don’t believe those 2 kids are from his sperm, that can not be real , if you have a child with any black man or woman the result will be a mix, anyway I wouldn’t be surprised if his sperm had a genetic treatment so he had white children. The third one maybe is truly his son (at least he has black hair). Anyway that idea that his skin and the ones of his sons had to be white just hurted him, them and the basic rights of black people…. people shouldn’t feel pressure for those things .. all the races are OK, attractive enough, equal, and this old-fashioned ideas-prejudices are changing. I think he was more attractive black as he was … sexier in fact, this shouldn’t be repeated but this is a daily problem in countries of black people… as they buy products to bleach their skin without knowing they can give them cancer…

  5. Micahel says

    Its unfair for you all to say really stupid thing’s about a man you all knew nothing about, only what was written or reported by some damn tablod. I am mixed, and we by far may or may not look like one parent or the other. Its not fair to say that these children dont look like him, because they do. When you look for traits in a person you look at the eyes nose, and so on and so forth. Michael’s own parnets where mixed with blue eyes so anyone you people doggin him, should try looking back in the interviews with his father joe he said himself that he was mixed with blue eyes. just let him rest in peace.

  6. SbK says

    I really can’t believe it. He was a LEGEND, I grew up listening to his music. I actually feel very sad. My thoughts go out to his family and his poor children, I know how awful it is to lose a father. May Michael Jackson rest in peace

  7. SarahC says

    It is so sad that he died today. He loved those kids very much and you can tell he wanted to give them a better childhood that he had. I wonder who gets the kids now. Especially if it’s true that his third son was artificially inseminated and doesn’t have contact with his biolgoical mother. Sad situation. =[

  8. Onye' says

    why does it matter if those are his kids are if he lied. people dont say anything about the lies that have been told about michael himself. either way they are his kids, he took care of them all there life.

  9. Lene says

    Michael Jackson has too little black blood in his gene pool to has mulatto-looking chidren with pure white female. Research Michael’s ancestors. That’s why they dont look like they have any black in them. With black female his children would look more blacker

  10. Gossip says

    The reason why they don’t look black is because their mother is fully white or so heard,someone told me he did this thing with his wife without having sex.so in this things usually the children look more like their mothers instead of their fathers.

  11. Onye' says

    #32 LS- your right because just like my mom and nothing like my dad, but my skin is as light as my dads.

  12. Onye' says

    “Michael is extremely friendly and in great spirits. “He is loving with his kids and in a great mood. The kids are very polite and well-spoken.”

  13. Onye' says

    that 3rd paragraph at the top below the picture is wrong only blanket has a surrogate mother. the older 2 mother name is Debbie Rowe,mj’s ex wife.

  14. Onye' says

    # 12 the reason 4 the mask is because the 2 older kids mother (Debbie Rowe) got threats from someone who wanted to kiddnape them when they where babies. so it was her idea to cover there faces.

  15. Ali says

    what i want to know is – why do his children have to wear masks? what’s that about? does anybody know the reason for this?

  16. Lene says

    Michael Jackson’s paternal grandmother (Joe’s mother) is white, and paternal grandfather is almost pure indian, his maternal grandfather was listed in the 1910 census as mulatto (Katherine’s father) and his maternal grandmother is cherokee indian.

    He has too little black blood in his gene pool to has mulatto-looking chidren whith pure white women

    P.S. Michael’s father Joe Jackson has light eyes and he is pretty light-skinned.

  17. Katie says

    Michael Jackson was never dark and the only prominent black feature was his afro-hairstyle.

    Michael Jackson never was like 50 cent, x-zibit, Eddie Murphy, Kayne West, P.Diddy and etc. And his whole family never was so.

  18. Vicky says

    I think the boy looks a lot like Michael. He has very dark eyes, and just look at his hands! The girl’s hair, though light, is definetly not your typical blond hair. Where I live, I see kids with mixed genes all the time and I have more than once seen blond blue eyed kids whose mother or father’s African-American. And next time one of you experts think of posting a comment about the kids not being his, just think how you would feel if somebody you don’t even know would claim that your father is not your father.

  19. Kate says

    To the person who said Michael doesn’t have enough white genes to produce those children–the only way you could know that for sure is through genetic testing. You can’t tell exactly what he is just by looking at him. Take Latoya for example. She’s significantly lighter than her other siblings, but have the same two parents. Genes are too complex to be perceived in such a simplistic way.

  20. She-rah! says

    OMG his son looks like him, when MJ was younger. He looks like one of his brothers too, the one from big brother…. can’t remember his name. Like other ppl have said they dont have to be black!!!!! Look at the 2 sets of twins born to a black and white woman…. 1 was white and the other twin was black. It does happen.

    Very good looking kids btw.

  21. Leea says

    I don’t really care whether they are his biological children or not. It’s him that’s raising them, and I can’t help thinking that it must be an unhealthy way to grow up, having to wear masks all the time etc.

  22. Renee says

    I have serious doubts that those kids are his biologically. But nevertheless, he is their father (most likely adoption) and those are some very cute kids. The boy is very handsome especially.

  23. Mpule says

    #40 I also wonder the same, what’s with the musks? what does Michael think he is? Even Jesus Christ the son of God never wore musks. This guy is crazy……… I hope they are his real children but if not, that’s also OK for aslong as he raises them well

  24. ladlam says

    What is the point of the masks when the kids’ real faces are posted all over the internet. Do these kids go to school? Are they home schooled? Where is BLANKET JACKSON?
    One of the most bizarre stories in American History! Michael was such a cute kid. You have to wonder what he would look like today if he had done NOTHING to his looks and eaten properly. He is like Skeletor!

  25. Michelle says

    Somebody on another website had another good example: Rashida Jones (The Office, I Love You Man, Parks & Recreation), daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. On a wholly different tack, lots of people think Paula Abdul is black, but she’s Greek.

  26. oriana says

    Those kids look absolutely nothing like Michael! It’s not to say he isn’t the father for many kids look nothing like their Dad. Look at Violet, she looks nothing like Ben at all and Tori’s son, Liam, looks nothing like Dean either, so can’t go by looks alone.

  27. Maybe says

    Some of you said he looks like Michael?? LOL Where??? Look at pictures of Michael when he was younger and then tell me if you still think he looks like him. Geez

  28. C. says

    Just ’cause he’s black doesn’t mean his kids are gonna come out that way. Just look at the Singerl twins, one came out black while the other came out white. That’s proof enough that children can come out with different facial and skin features.

    Whether or not he had these children biologically or by surrogacy, he’s still their father.

  29. Nisha says

    I think those are his kids. The boy looks like Michael. As for skin color look at Victoria Rowell’s daughter, it’s possible.

  30. AR says

    As for Eartha Kitts daughter looking very white – Eartha Kitt herself is biracial (but looks black). So her daughter is 1/4 black, in this case it is more likely to see predominantly caucasian features.

  31. LS says

    Wow. The stupid, it hurts.

    Ever seen a child that looks almost exactly like one of their parents and almost nothing like the other parent? Or one that looks like a perfect mix of the two parents? That works for skin color too. Think before you type, people. Geez.

  32. Kathy says

    Hey #3, Chris, I did NOT post the first comment so hence #1 and #2 are NOT the same person. You know what happens when you ASS U ME right

  33. denise says

    why does he HAVE to tell the truth if these kids were not conceived with his sperm? it is his private life which is only his business.
    celebrities lie all the time when it comes to things personal to them. we (the public in general) should not push them.

    i´m sure most celebrities don´t set out to lie, but when cornered in interviews chose a lie over the truth because certain things want to be kept private.

  34. Cocoa says

    I think they are nice looking kids, especially the boy. I really do think his son looks like him – or maybe I have been staring at the photo too long trying to see it – either way, these are his children and we will never know if it’s biological or not. I do hate deception if that’s what he’s doing though…

  35. laila says

    For everyone that asks what difference does this make? None regarding the kids, they’re just as adorable and precious as all kids.
    What DOES matter is he is going around specifically saying it was his sperm, THAT’S the difference. Why lie like that? He should just say these are his kids, period, and leave it at that. It’s ridiculous, and he’s asking for it.


    Does it matter that these kids might now be his? what difference does it make? Two of Christy Brinkley Kids are not her ex husband’s, Tom cruise has 2 adopted kids, Andre Peter, Katie price’s soon to be ex husband has a adopted son, Not to mention Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie, oh and Leni isn’t seals biologically, so what are u people saying? I can see if you were getting paid for your worthless smug opinions, but you are not and Michael Jackson is still the ISH!

  37. Maybe says

    #19 – I’m not talking about Mexicans, I’m talking about Black people. And who said anything about being from Africa? Lots of white people live in Africa….I don’t know if you know this but Michael’s “extended” family is Black so these kids didn’t get anything from them either. I agree with ARrrr, show me a picture of someone who is truly bi-racial and I bet you can still see some African American features. Bottom line is this – these kids are white and not his biological kids. Period.

  38. denise says

    Why does it matter wether or not Michael Jackson is the biological parent of these children? I agree, that they have litle to no African-American Features, but that doesn´t mean they can´t be his.

    Just Google EARTHA KITT DAUGHTERS and you will see that she has two daughters who have absolutely no African-American trait. It doesn´t happen often, but it sure is possible.

  39. m says

    no chance of it being his sperm. biracial kids do come in all shades, but only when their parents’ genes allow that. michael was BLACK. he was not mixed. he does not have enough “white” genes to result in purely children.


    who cares what u haters say! Michael is stil the ISH! Biracial kids come in all colors, people! Get with it!

  41. laila says

    Conceived with his sperm??? BULL@*#! He doesn’t want to have any kids with black features, he didn’t even want to have HIS OWN black features! I agree with “Maybe” above, absolutely not his kids. Everyone knew that after day 1 of seeing them as babies.

  42. morvicaud says

    The only thing I’m wondering about is why he keeps on hiding them … I hope the kids are truly happy: their dad IS a freak. I’m dying to see what’s gonna happen to them when they’ll be grown up.

  43. C. says

    #17- Not true. Both my parents are mexican (brown hair, brown eyes) and I came out with blonde hair, green eyes. No, my mother didn’t cheat. I just so happened to get the physical features of my extented family, which happen to be blonde hair, green eyes as well. It’s genetics. I may look white, but I’m Mexican.

    It’s like saying if you’re born in Africa, you must be black. Not true.

  44. Maybe says

    These kids are definitely not his. Anyone with a brain knows that. I agree some bi-racial kids have fair skin but not with straight blondish hair and caucasian features too. No one comes out looking all caucasian from a very dark father with very prominent african features as Michael did before the “makeover”.

  45. denise says

    Wow, these pictures are a real treat. It has been a very long time since i´ve seen unmasked pictures of them

    Prince is a very handsome boy.

  46. ... says

    I think his only biolgical kid is Balnket,the two older ones never ever.
    And how long will he put these stupid masks on them? I mean Prince is almost 13,it’s a little weird for a teenager to run around with his face covered,isn’t it? Poor kids.

  47. RubyJackson says

    Look at the close up of his son, and he looks an awful lot like Michael did back in the “Thriller” days, pre-surgery.

  48. kay says

    1-Does he really have any sperms?
    he seems to pin point that it was His sperms, a bit weird.
    2-The kids doesn’t look like their daddy (?)AT ALL.
    3-Shouldn’t they be A BIT black,as you all said?
    4-Is he nuts by putting a mask on them?
    5-What’s the point with these masks anyway?

  49. Daze says

    First, Wentworth Miller is part black himself. Research it. Second, the post was wrong. His third child was concieved by a surrogate mother. Prince I and Paris are the children of Debbie Rowe, his ex-wife. I think these two actually look alot like their Dad, who is not 100% African-American either. Michael is a multi-generational mulatto. Research it. HIs Dad has green eyes. He is creepy, but these are his kids. The youngest boy, “Blanket” is much darker than the older two by the red-haired, fair skinned Debbie.

  50. mouse says

    I don’t think these kids belong to him biologically. However, the sperm donor was a Wentworth Miller lookalike.

  51. Nicole says

    Biracial kids can have black or white skin. They have 50 % of both ethnicity’s in them. Think about it, but try not to hurt your brain too much.

  52. alexandra says

    hey wake up people! but have you seen some pics of Michael before all the surgery stuff?! he was BLACK!!! those children aren’ t bih biological, it can’ t be! they couldn’ t do surgery to his sperm too!!! his sperm is of a black man!!!

  53. Wow! says

    I agree, I can’t believe that those kids are his biological children. I never did, I remember few pictures when they were babies and I had the same thoughts. Only his ex-wife, the doctors and himself must know the truth!

  54. BLssd says

    I can’t believe the ignorance of you people in this year 2009! Biracial children sometimes don’t have strong African-American genes; sometimes they have stronger Caucasian genes. I have two sons, both biracial, one is sandy-haired with blue eyes and the other is brown-haired with brown eyes. And yes, ABSOLUTELY, they are of the same father! Get a grip, people!

  55. ? says

    That’s because they’re not bi-racial. Michael claims they are but common sense you can see they’re not. His ex wife had them with obviously someone else’s sperm. It’s a shame these kids have to grow up with a weirdo like him. They probably never went to school and never had any friends.

  56. Kathy says

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. They don’t look like they have any African American in them AT ALL.

  57. Rainne says

    what i dont get this man is Black but yet his kids are fully white. they are biracial. shouldnt they be darker? this is confusing.


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