Alessandra Ambrosio & Daughter


Gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, 28, was snapped leaving LAX with her fiance Jamie Mazur (not pictured) and their 9-month-old daughter, Anja.


Splash News Online


  1. rONNIE says

    can i just say:
    i literally siad that out loud when i saw the pic [earning an odd look from my son!]
    this girl is ADORABLE i just wanna eat her up; soooooo cute
    at least alessandra understands that chubby babies equal cute babies!
    this child is NOT like honor AT ALL a million-trillion times cuter!!!

  2. Jello says

    Wow, mom is gorgeous and so skinny. It is amazing that baby came out of her. What great genes she has!!

  3. jime says

    u guys have to look the last pic, yes she ir really cute, she just put her face like everyone else when the sun its in our face and we are not wearing glasses. she es really cute

  4. LOLA says

    umm..,. for such a pretty mom, Anja is not THAT cute…she’s cute, but not all that! she has kind of big ears….but they all look happy and healthy, and that’s all that really matters.

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