Russell Simmons Full Of Best Wishes & Praise For Kimora Lee


(In the above pic Russell, Kimora, Ming Lee and Aoki were snapped at a fashion show in July 2007)

Russell Simmons has nothing but kind words for his ex-wife, Kimora Lee, who is mom to their daughters Ming Lee, 9, and Aoki, 6.

Kimora Lee, 34, welcomed a son on Sunday with boyfriend Djimon Hounsou, 45. Russell sends his best wishes and his tips for an amicable split.  

“You smile no matter what happens, and you keep smiling,” Russell shared with OK magazine. “During a marriage, they say you make a tremendous compromise. Men say all the time they just be quiet. You’ve gotta be quiet 24 hours. It’s OK if you’re separate and can be quiet, but it’s a mess if you talk. You just learn to be a little bit accepting and promote tolerance and act and be tolerant yourself. Allow each other a little freedom, and faith.”

Russell, 41, was thrilled to plan a surprise birthday party for Aoki at his Hamptons home last year.

“Ariel [The Little Mermaid] was the star of the party,” he said. “She was in the pool and moving around the house. And all kinds of toys were in my backyard and all kinds of friends. They came from New Jersey and New York State and even from L.A. to surprise her. She came in from Paris.”

Their older daughter Ming Lee helped out with ideas for the bash. Ming Lee is studying French and Italian.

“She loves yoga, she loves piano, she’s a very cultured girl. She went to Africa and Paris with her mother. She’s learned a lot about a lot to be so young.”

He’s proud of how Kimora is raising the girls.

“The thing that makes me most inspired is when there was some celebrity who was in the Hamptons and I just missed her. And they asked me, ‘did I want to see her?’ and I said ‘I’ll catch her later.’ They said ‘well, your daughter would like to see her.’ And she’s just one of those celebrities who runs around.  They said ‘well your daughter would love to see her.’ I said ‘would you like to see — the name of this celebrity?’”

What celebrity?

“Doesn’t matter. And she said ‘no, no, I think she makes bad choices.’ That’s what Ming Lee told me. That to me reminded me that their mother has been doing such a good job with them because she knows what’s a good choice already.”

 What does Russell love most about being a dad?

“The innocence is inspiring. The way young people think, you want to think like them so they teach you a lot. Having a child teaches you so much. That really is the best part of being a dad. You remember what’s important in life.”

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  1. You've got problems says

    #8 I hope to god that you are not a mother….you seem like you didn’t graduate school.

    Learn how to spell, talk….BUT PLEASE OH PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE!

  2. gbaby says

    kimora is a beautiful woman and she has beautiful children
    she looks much better than any of you nasty kkk prejudice ignorant h*S that aint got no life and just sit there on thier lonely ass computer to spread the hate thats already dead…we’re in 2009! yall ra*ct people so lonely so u come on a website and anonymously attack pictures cause you people wouldnt DARE to say those things to nobody in person…

  3. oriana says

    What in the Hell is going on with this site!!!!! Is there a Webmistress any more? Why isn’t this being monitored better?

  4. Cocoa says

    Kelli – don’t listen to this crap. Hopefully one day the webmaster will fix this site. It used to be fun to visit, now it’s just annoying…

  5. Kelli says

    I have a lot of respect for Kimora. She is a fantastic mother and I actually envy the life that she is giving them. I believe that she will probably marry Djimon soon now that the baby is born. Kimora is not a loose lady. She will want everything to be legit.

  6. KMS says

    I will never understand what men see in Kimora. She is the most egotistical snob and she is NOT good looking! She’s all neck, yuck.

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