First Pictures Of Britain's Oldest Mother & Her New Son


Britain’s oldest mother brought her baby home for the first time yesterday. Elizabeth Adeney, 66, was snapped lovingly lifting her son out of her car.

Doctors have been monitoring Elizabeth and her baby in hospital since she gave birth to the boy weighing 5lb 3oz. The little boy was delivered by caesarean section a week ago after IVF treatment. 

She is reported to have named him Jolyon – which means ‘young at heart’.

Bringing the little boy home was a moment that Elizabeth has dreamed of for most of her adult life.

She first had fertility treatment two decades ago during her short-lived marriage to Robert Adeney, now 71, but was told by medical experts at the time that she could no longer continue with attempts to become pregnant. A source close to Robert Adeney, who now lives in the south of France, said the marriage foundered as his wife, who had not married before, became consumed with the desire to have children.

She finally achieved her goal after travelling to Ukraine for IVF treatment as clinics in the UK refuse to treat women over the age of 50. She continued working a five-day week at Delmore Ltd, the Suffolk plastics and textiles firm where she is managing director, until days before the birth. It is understood she will return to work.

Elizabeth has been reluctant to discuss her pregnancy other than to defend her decision to have IVF, saying, “It’s not physical age that is important – it’s how I feel inside. Some days I feel 39. Others, I feel 56.”

Dismissing the fact she has no partner or siblings to help her, she added, “I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself. I’ve done it for years.”



  1. Jean says

    Here’s what I’m thinking. This is hardly a widespread issue. Very few women past 60 are getting pregnant with IVF. Take it on a -case-by-case basis.

    So, the lady from India who had the twins at 70 looked like an old prune. Not the greatest example.

    Ditto the Romanian woman of 66 who reproduced a couple of years ago. Maybe they shouldn’t have done it.

    Rosanna Della Corte, who had a baby at 63 about 15 years ago (and actually said Ms. Adeney is too old), appears to have aged well and is doing fine with her son now. She and her husband since got divorced (egad!). And you might say she was a little loony, because she had this boy to “replace” her son Riccardo, who died. And she named the new one Riccardo, too. Hmm….

    Ms. Adeney hardly looks over 50. I think she had her health assessed, did her own self-assessment, weighed the risks and benefits, and decided she can handle this. Who would know better than she herself? Her physical fitness was borne out by her ability to carry the baby nearly to term and the way she appears to have bounced back from the birth looking better than before. Fortunately, the baby boy is healthy.

    It would be nice if there was a father (although, who knows, maybe she’ll meet someone and get married) and a big extended family involved. But, there’s not. So let’s just hope the community is good to her and young Jolyon. He’ll need children his own age to play with and his mother could use the camaraderie of other mothers of young children. I hope she is accepted by them and not shunned because of her age.

  2. Rain says

    I would’ve adopted, too. But, it’s none of my business what she does. Besides, the kid doesn’t even have her genes. He’s the product of donor reproductive materials.

  3. OMG! says

    What is up with human and the need to procreate?! If she was desperate to have a child she could’ve have had one of the millions around the world who need a home and lots of love. Now, what is the point of having a child really? I feel no sympathy for someone who purely wants to leave their genes in the world rather than watch a child grow up and have this wonderful experience.

  4. Mary says

    I was checking out all the pics this morning and came across the ones of Michael Jackson’s kids. I’m trying hard not to be judgmental, because all the nasty judgments directed toward Elizabeth Adeney are offending me. But, come on, if you had to give a kid to Elizabeth or to Michael, wouldn’t you pick Elizabeth? At least she’s not going to make her little boy go around in masks all the time 😀

  5. ms. almonds says

    she doesn’t look 66, i think when she was young she’s pretty, it really shows! she knows how to carry herself! congrats

  6. Anne says

    I can’t fully understand why she didn’t adopt years ago, after several failed IVF attempts. I mean, I don’t know for certain that she didn’t. But I wouldn’t think that a woman of means, even if she was single, would’ve had a problem adopting. She might’ve had to go to a foreign country to do it, but I don’t think she would’ve been barred from adopting. I won’t rule out the possibility that she did try to adopt and was unable to, for some reason. After all, we don’t know all that much about the woman and she hasn’t felt the need to share her reasons for doing what she did when she did it.

    One thing I will say is that wanting to have a baby, be pregnant, give birth and all that is a very primal urge. I can’t knock her for wanting to have that experience. It’s something that millions of women want. For all intents and purposes, Ms. Adeney carried and gave birth to an adopted child, since he is no biological relation to her. But I’m sure that, after having him inside her for 9 months and bringing him into the world, she couldn’t feel he’s any more hers if her did have her DNA.

  7. Eliza says

    If she wanted a chld to love so badly for so many years why didn’t she attempt adoption at 40-something. Did she have to have something born of her in order to love it. So selfish!!

  8. Zarah says

    I’m hoping that there isn’t going to be an epidemic of geriatric new mothers, but this particular case does not bother me. The lady has wanted children so badly for many years and she can afford to provide for the little boy. Nobody knows how long she’s going to be around, active and healthy. I’d prefer to think positively and hope that she’s still hale and hearty when she’s 100 and that having a young child keeps her young.

    She thought carefully about having this baby before she went through with the procedure. She knew the risks and was willing to accept them. I’m sure she has made the necessary arrangements for her son’s future, should something happen to her. I can’t see these pictures and her obvious joy and say that she didn’t have the right to have something that the majority of women want: a child of her own.

    By all accounts, she is sensible and organized and hopefully will ensure that her son is surrounded with people besides herself who care about him. And that he has playmates his own age when the time comes. Surely she will also make certain to take excellent care of herself, since she has this young life depending on her. I wish her all the best.

  9. Marcia says

    She is returning to work because she owns the business. That fact doesn’t give her much wiggle room. Hopefully, she will keep a part-time schedule and find someone to help her run it on a day-to-day basis. But she’s still the owner and has more invested in the success of her company than anyone else.

  10. Analise says

    On the one hand I’m happy for this woman after years of trying to conceive. On the other hand, she could have been a mother years ago if she had adopted. Even if she had still chosen this particular course to have a biological child, she could have given another child a home long ago.

    I do find it ironic, however, that after years of waiting to become a mother and it finally happening she’s returning to work. You would think she would want to spend as much time with this baby, especially at her age, as possible.

  11. Lauren says

    I think this is very selfish of her to have a baby at her age. Sure, she may be in perfect health now and be perfectly capable of caring for her son but something could happen! It’s not fair to her little boy.

  12. bj's mom says

    #31 Sue…you said ” Well, you know, we ALL have dreams. But then we realize that some dreams don’t come true. We accept it and move on.” Hmmm…thats not what I teach my kids. I say “NEVER, EVER give up on your dreams.” Obviously, she didnt give up on hers and here she is years later with a precious baby boy! I wish her and her son the best.

  13. Kate says

    NONE of us know this woman and what she will and won’t be able to do, now OR 10 years from now. You may think you know, but you don’t.

    Good grief.

  14. Sue says

    There are these things called “facts” and these things called “statistics” which a lot of the people posting on this thread seem to be ignoring. Sure, a 25-year-old mother CAN drop dead. BUT (this is the fact and statistic part) it most likely will NOT happen. But what WILL most likely happen is this woman will not live long enough to enjoy her son growing up into a man (now this is a fact and can be checked by statistics). So saying, “Oh, a young mother could die at anytime” to justify an OLD woman having a child and most likely not seeing him grow into a man is being delusional at best. The truth is that if you have a child at say 25 you WILL live and be around for all his important moments, including seeing him grow up and have kids on his own. Only a small percent of these women will be killed by a truck or disease. But there is a STRONG chance (again backed by statistics) that a 65-year-old woman will NOT be around for her kid. And then there are people who say, “Oh, but it is her dream……trying all her life…….” Well, you know, we ALL have dreams. But then we realize that some dreams don’t come true. We accept it and move on. She is an extremely SELFISH person who only wanted to satisfy her desire. She has no regard for her child or how it is going to effect every aspect of her life. “Oh, she is so attractive” GIVE ME A BREAK! Oh, so she can comb her hair and put on lipstick and is not walking with a cane. She is almost 70 for God’s sake! That is old if you want to admit it or not. No matter how “hot” she looks. She will NOT have the energy! She WILL get sick. Such an incredibly selfish act on her part. I hope when the child is ten he has the intelligence to select the perfect nursing home for his mother. He can visit her on weekends, in-between little league games.

  15. Wilson (UK) says

    Thank you very much to whomever removed the tasteless and offensive words and comments. (Now my original posting might be confusing to some as the numbers no longer correspond to whom they were originally intended, but that’s a small price to pay and I’m certainly not complaining.)
    I totally respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and take all reasonable comments on board both for and against this case, but when it goes beyond that and beomes an undeserved spiteful and cheap attack on someone it crosses the line and becomes a different matter entirely.
    Whilst it may not be the most ideal and ‘normal’ situation in terms of this lady’s age etc, none of us whatever our age can predict our health or when we will die. Also, unless you’ve been in the situation of longing for a baby yourself, noone really knows how it would feel to try for a baby for so long without success. Let’s not forget the end result here… the creation of life… shouldn’t the life of this little baby boy’s be celebrated and not questioned whatever the circumstances. When the child becomes old enough to understand I really don’t see him saying to himself that he wished his mother had never had him , regardless of whether she’s still alive by that time.
    Good luck to her and the little one. With all that’s wrong in the world at the moment it’s a happy and heartwarming story… but of course that’s just in my opinion :o)

  16. SbK says

    If you actually read the article, it says that she started having IVF two decades ago, when she would have been 46, which isn’t very old. It was obviously something she really wanted to keep trying for 20 years so good for her!! and #13, Wilson, I too live in Suffolk!!

  17. Sassy says

    Wow…and I want to have another Baby before I’m 35….but at 66…God Bless her and her Little Angel. We all take for granted the factor we can conceive a child so quickly.

  18. Kelli says

    I find her age a bit shocking but I am not going to condemn her. The baby is healthy and that is the trump card. My grandmother raised 3 boys. My uncle had a daughter when my grandmother was 60 years old. Her oldest child, my father, was almost 40. My uncle, who lived with my GM, gained full custody of my cousin when she was 3 because her mother was unfit and she was being raised by the mother son duo. My uncle died tragically when she was 10. At 70 years old my GM obtained full custody of my cousin and raised her like a daughter. My grandmother died 2 years ago at the age of 86 – with her faculties intact. My cousin was 26 years old – a grown viable woman – at the time. She is grateful and loving of the old woman who raised her. Old when she started raising her but still able to complete the job.

    And as for me, my mother wasn’t too old to have kids when she had me. She died of cancer 3 years ago having not seen any grandchildren. Nobody is promised tomorrow. Nobody knows when they give birth how much of that life they will live to experience. Nobody is promised to meet their grandkids. However I would imagine that ALL mothers feel that they have accomplished something, enough really, if they bring that life into the world at all. This woman may be an old mother, but her child is an existing person with his own life to live. She’s done enough.

  19. Melissa says

    She owns her own business. You can’t just stop working when you’re the boss. How do we know she isn’t cutting back to part time? Or bringing the baby & nanny with her when she’s at work? Maybe even looking for someone to help her run the business so she can spend more time at home? So many assumptions.

  20. Celia says

    Some of you people are rude.

    To some women being able to get pregnant at any age is a blessing. She’s tried for years and has finally be able to. That is something to rejoice in whether you agree with the age or not. You’re ac ting as if the life expectancy for a healthy person is 67. Are you kidding? Most people her age still have a good 20 years left. Not every old person becomes frail. Jack LaLanne for example. The fact she was was able to carry a baby at all shows that she’s in good health.

    As far as her work situation goes, Eliza, some mothers can take their children to work with them. If she wants to hire a nanny she can, it is her child. I’m pretty sure if you’re a mother, you’ve had help one way or another. Just because she struggled doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be entitled to work if thats what also makes her happy. The fact she’s as wealthy as she is she could quit and spend all her time with her child. She has several options and should be able to choose her own without being called selfish for it. Also how is it different just cause she’s older? Younger women struggle, hire help and then go back to work.

    That baby will grow up to know all the love in the world because he was wanted so much and for so long.

  21. Mpule says

    I’m 26 and have been trying to conceive for 4 years, I pray to God that I dont reach her age without a child of my own. This woman is remarkebly brave to fight through the end. In our African culture it is a taboo for a woman to go to her grave motherless

  22. Georgia says

    That is so irresponsible! And this is coming from the daughter of an older woman, sometimes I am really upset at my parents for having me so late in life because it means they will never have a chance to see my children grow up and i dont get as much time with them. So it gets me annoyed when i see other older people putting their kids through this too. I must say, she does look great for her age!

  23. Eliza says

    How ludicrous it is that everyone is saying “well, she’s a attractive woman” as if that makes *ANY* difference to her age, her ability to care for the child or the fact that at age 66, she has commited an incredibly selfish act! If she plans to go back to work who exactly is even going to be raising this child! The child-care system or a nanny? I’m not saying these things are wrong or not necessary for many women and families but what the heck is the point of going to all that trouble, expense, selfishness for a child she doesn’t even plan on actually spending all her time with! Is it because a baby was just something she “had” to have. Her right? Well babes aren’t a right. That’s life, sometimes you don’t and/or shouldn’t get everything you want at the expense of others, in this case, the child.

  24. Wow! says

    She sais she is totally capable of taking care of herself. And I believe that. But from now on she is not taking care of herself, but herself and a baby and we with childre we know it’s HUGE!!!! These lovely small babies can give you so much work! And they can be fussy for hours. They can drive you crazy sometimes after a night of two hours of sleep and a fussy day. Here comes grandmas, husbands and family and friends to give you a hand. I loved when a friend of mine came home to visit us and she used to bring warm food!!! Aaaahhh a nice break for that evening of cooking. And I loved when my husband would take care of the dishes and the laundry and I could take a nap 🙂 But I guess she can hire a nanny few hours everyday, because everybody needs help once in a while with babies. The fact that she is going to be 76 when the boy is 10 it’s a bit sad, yes. You can be 90 and feel 30 in your heart, but you’ll still be 90 with all the physical problems…

    I was laughing about the comment of no.10 Adele (UK) I think all americans think the rest of the world have bad teeth, not only brits 🙂 The rest of the world never spend a fortune in dental surgery to have Barbie and Ken smiles… hahahahaha!!!! Funny how we still think about cliches. I thinks she is an atractive woman. I wish her the best of luck!

  25. Cristen says

    Ms. Elizabeth looks great. Even better when you consider that she had surgery and a baby less than a week ago. If I were her, I’d tell the Gestation Gestapo where they could stick it. Hopefully, she is ignoring all the fuss and snuggling with her little guy.

  26. Granny says

    She is an attractive woman and I’m certain that she has thought this out carefully.

    I did notice the baby has an NG feeding tube. Hopefully not for very long.

    I for one am glad I don’t have to worry about raising a small child. I get more than enough exercise chasing grandkids

  27. Daniella says

    Wow, this kind of shocks me. I mean, I’m 18-years-old and this woman is older than three of my grandparents & the same age as one of them. One of my close friends has a father who is currently 68 years old & he has told me a number of times that albeit he loves his father, he does often wish he could experience certain things that only a younger parent can do with their child. His father was also very healthy until about six years ago & now suffers from Alzheimers. No teenage boy should have to worry about their parent dying from such a late-life, advanced-age disease.

    From my experience with my friend, I believe that this woman has committed a very, very selfish act. Yes, she may be healthy now, but she could very well fall ill extremely easily at her age. It doesn’t matter how healthy she looks, since the healthiest person in the world could of late-life dormant diseases waiting in their body.

    She better have a very good support system waiting, because illnesses like most cancers, Alzheimer’s, heart attacks & strokes are much, much more likely at her age. And that child will need a new guardian should anything happen.

    Overall, I feel very sorry for this poor child. I love my grandparents, but I absolutely could not imagine them being anything other than grandparents at that age.

  28. oriana says

    She is a nice looking lady but she is way too old to have a baby. Sorry to all the older women out there, but at 66, this old goat is like me, she should be enjoying life, spending time with grandkids. I think she was way too old to have a baby! In my case, no grandkids, but plenty of pets! Ha!

  29. Wilson (UK) says

    And to #12!

    I guess you are simple as well as disrespectful! She had IVF treatment so in actual fact a man or woman could have made her pregnant! Get it now?!

  30. uk sue says

    Its her body,her money, her choice-therfore she has given birth to a little boy, end of. l’m sure when that child is 20 years old he will be grateful that she gave him life and not too worried about seeing him into old age!!

  31. Wilson (UK) says

    Hear hear to Adele (#10&11) and Amanda (#15). Well said both!
    Cannot believe the nastiness, judgemental attitudes and foul language of some people’s comments on this website as a whole. Absolutely disgraceful! Is this site not monitored at all?! I would far rather see this older lady (who by the way lives 2 miles away in the next village to me in England) bring a child into the world than the spiteful, ill-meaning, trashy characters who seem a plenty on this website. Have you people no self-respect?!!! Yes I’m English but husband is American serving his country in the military and I can tell you he would be completely disgusted to hear his fellow people speaking this way. You should be ashamed of yourselves… you know who you are!!!!!!

  32. Cocoa says

    I agree with Amanda that she looks lovely, she really does….but how is she going to feel in ten years from now? Not as good, I bet. This will also give the other children one more thing to tease about, kids are cruel. I sure do hope she has a wonderful support circle, she will need it when her age catches up to her. Best of luck to her since there is nothing to be done about it now – the child is here!

    #16 – Thanks for all the attention, I see I have made quite an impression on you! 🙂 Freak.

  33. Amanda says

    Whoa. I was just thinking how lovely she looked at 66, and here are all these nasty people trashing her. I think it’s her business, and I don’t know why people get all worked up over a responsible woman making her dream of a child come true, when America has shows like “16 and Pregnant” on MTV…now those are the babies I’d be worried about! Yes, she’s old. And yes, she could die sooner than most parents. BUT she looks to be in better health than some idiot who drinks/smokes too much and has an unhealthy lifestyle. And anybody could be hit by a car or get breast cancer…..EVEN a YOUNG mother!!!! Does that mean people should never have children? Of course not. And trust me…I’m sure her son will have his share of difficulties about this issue…but I’m also sure he’ll be grateful for being BORN IN THE FIRST PLACE by someone who WANTED HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING. Many children aren’t so lucky. Leave her alone and quit being so spiteful.

  34. me says

    what nasty people you are! GOD bless her and her son, I wish them both the best.Personally, the older I get, the less tolerance I have towards kids…I am SOOO over that!

  35. Adele (UK) says

    BTW the Susan Boyle comment, why are British people compared to someone who has had 1 month of fame??
    Or why are British people stereotyped as having bad teeth??
    Or why do people who live outside of Britain Britain think that Britain is only made up of 1 country (England) when in fact there are four??

    It’s like us British saying that all American women are really skinny with fake boobs & blonde hair as that could be a stereotype.

  36. Adele (UK) says

    If this woman is perfectly healthy, why should her age be a factor. I’m sure if she had some underlying health problem, it would have been found in the pregnancy as because of her age she would have been monitered more carefully.

    I’m not saying I agree with her having a child at her age as I’m sure at her age I will have grandchildren, but all a child needs is love, care & attention & I’m sure this baby boy is getting it.

  37. RubyJackson says

    What she did was purely selfish, but at least she didn’t end up with eight babies like someone else we all know.

  38. foxy says

    lol @ susan boyle we wish we were that sexy 😛

    Its hard work bringing up a baby if she doesnt feel her age now, she will when shes having 3hrs sleep a night!

  39. Wow says

    What a responsible woman.

    I’m sure her son will be able to push her around in a wheelchair when he’s 10.



    She is stup*d! I wouldn’t have a son at that age! She won’t be around to see him grow older, and he is going to feel cheated! I know!

  41. KMS says

    Cute baby. All I can say is that I hope she has a good will that will leave her son to a wonderful family. There is no denying that is very old to have a baby. I get nervous about something happening to me and I’m only 33. I cannot imagine how she must feel.

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