Kelly Rutherford Ready For Baby #2


Just w week away from giving birth, the gorgeous Kelly Rutherford escorted son Hermes down the red carpet and talked to reporters.

“I could go into labor at any moment!” Kelly, 40, joked to reporters at the Third Annual Kidstock Music and Arts Festival in Beverly Hills on May 31st.

“No, I’m not due until next weekend,” Kelly reassured everyone, adding that her son is excited to meet his sister.

 Kelly shared her the eco-friendly, sustainable attitude towards decorating her daughter’s nursery.

“I’m kind of sustainable about the whole thing. I’m using a lot of the same things that I used with him, and it’s so wonderful,” she told OK! magazine. “People have been so generous in giving things and I’ve just been trying to be, you know, smart about it. I mean, our changing table that I bought him [Hermes] is from Target.  It’s a white changing table and I’m keeping it. It works!”

However Kelly has been much more indulgent when it comes to buying baby clothes for her daughter, admitting, “The girlie clothes are fun!  My mom and I have been having a good time with that one!”

Kelly, 40, shared that this time around, she has been resting more but admits she hasn’t stuck to a strict fitness routine like many Hollywood moms-to-be.

“I haven’t exercised once this time,” she admitted. “I am so bad. I am like the worst example. I run around after [Hermes] all day and play. We end up going on play dates or in the pool or something. I think I am just so much more active being the mother of a two-year-old.”

“I have been craving a lot of frozen things like Pinkberry,” she said. “Probably because it is hot and it’s summer.”

Kelly, who is currently involved in a contentious custody battle with Daniel Giersch after filing for divorce in January after two years of marriage, doesn’t plan on having any more children after her daughter is born.

“I think this will be enough for me at my age,” she told Us magazine.

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  1. Sad says

    It’s disguting how Celeb baby blog is encouraging the trashing of Kelly and Daniel’s family. Babyrazzi is so much nicer than CBB, at least babyrazzi people tell it like it is rather than giving the hints at insults and then leaving smiley faces to hide behind the snarkiness. At least be honest when you are picking a fight. People made a mistake buying that garbage blog.

  2. Jada says

    She left her first husband when he was termianlly ill and he died alone…she is probably wishing the same for her now ex…..she sucks!

  3. KrystyMarie says

    I think she looks stunning! She is a great actress, very classy and graceful. I’m sure her daughter will be just as beautiful and timeless!

  4. rebecca says

    Maybe Kelly will give her newborn daughter a normal name. Unlike her son name Hermes poor little boy.

  5. Lauren says

    I’m not a fan of hers. I don’t like her on Gossip Girl and I think it’s disgusting how her and her ex are fighting over the most trivial things for their son in courts.


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