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Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson have denied rumors that their relationship is on the rocks. The couple posed for a photoshoot walking hand-in-hand, accompanied by their dogs and carrying their two children, 20-month-old Ruby and 5-month-old Dexter.

The ‘idyllic family scene’ was posed for Hello! magazine which also features an interview with Charlotte – who addresses the rumors that she and Gavin are to split.

“We laugh about it,” she told the magazine. “But we are concerned about the future, when our children are older and other kids might say things to them like, “Oh we hear your mum and dad are splitting up.” But our families know there is no truth in the rumours and although they get cross that the media invents things about us, I think they are used to it by now.””

Hello! magazine also reports that the couple are not planning to wed this year and that Charlotte is planning to revive her singing career and is relying on both sets of grandparents to care for the children while she makes a new album. 

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  1. Lauren says

    What a gorgeous family. People should just leave them alone and let their raise their children and live their life.

  2. frd says

    #7 the grandparents are not raising the children – they are caring for members of their own family. Those children have the grandparents blood running thru their viens. looking after grandchildren is a gift not a curse.

  3. Cocoa is a dou_chebag says

    No, it’s called IRRESPONSIBILITY to dump your kids on your parents. Her parents already raised children, they shouldn’t have to raise grandchildren!

  4. Adele (UK) says

    I love this couple!! They are a tight family unit & the grandparents are greatly involved with the children.

    Using a Nanny or a Babysitter is awful. Why would you pay someone to look after you children when a grandparent is willing to do so & is involved in bringing up their children. Much better than hiring help who are literally strangers to the children.

  5. Naomi - UK says

    Gavin won’t leave Charl cos they are a loving and happy couple, and just cos they’re not getting married atm doesnt mean he’s going to leave her! and question – why would he get tired of his own children?

    I wouldnt say she was ‘dumping’ the children on the grandparents cos im sure they’re gna be more than happy to look after their 2 cute grandchildren. also why would you leave you’re kids with a stranger when you’ve got family who are avaliable and happy to care for them?

    I have followed this couple from the very begining and i believe that they will be together for a long time and will add to their brood in a few years 🙂 good luck gav an charl x x

  6. Wow! says

    They look like a lovely family, it must be hard with a 20 month old and a 5 month in the house! Aaaaahhhhggg I love the baby’s booties!!!!

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