Ellen Pompeo "So Excited" to Be a Mom, Says Jessica Capshaw


Ellen Pompeo, 39, is ready to be a mom according to her Grey’s Anatomy costar, Jessica Capshaw.

“She is so on top of it, and she is so excited and she is very sweet about it,” Jessica told Us magazine at an event at the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills on Thursday. “She is doing her research.”

Jessica, who welcomed her first child, Luke, in September 2007, hasn’t had to give any parenting advice.

“She doesn’t need any,” Jessica told Us magazine. “She is exactly the way that she should be about it, which is really excited and hopeful but at the same time really pragmatic and planning. And I think that is the best way for her to be.”

Jessica also shared that she doesn’t know if Ellen’s pregnancy will be written into next season’s show.

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