Katie & Suri Go To Dance Class


Katie and Suri were snapped heading into dance class in Beverly Hills.

Splash News Online


  1. Analise says

    *yawn* What a surprise, more Suri. Suri in a dress. Suri without shoes. Suri with shoes far to big for her. Suri in shoes that don’t match her (you guessed it!) dress. Suri in summer clothing in winter. Suri being carried. Suri with a bottle. Wow.

  2. oriana says

    Katie has been looking like a slob for a long time now. Definitely not the Victoria clone she was before. I can see simple and casual but she isn’t stylish at all any more.

  3. Karen Browning says

    Suri is beautiful already, I can’t imagine what she will look like when she’s older. And Katie actually looks put together in these photos. Her hair looks clean, and her clothes don’t look like they came out of a hobo’s plastic bag. Let’s hope she keeps this up. I love Suri’s hair without the bangs, and I’m glad she’s growing them out now. My mom gave me bangs when I was little, in the early 90’s, and she never grew them out. I had them until the end of eighth grade and hated it.

  4. anon says

    Would love to see the Brangie-Twins, but I’m glad that the family has a little privacy.
    Suri is ok,nothing special.

  5. Granny says

    Katie has ballet slippers in her hands. My girls never wore their dance shoes outside of class or during recitals.

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