Cameron Diaz Not Concerned About Her Ticking Biological Clock


Cameron Diaz, 36, is not bothered by the ticking of her biological clock.

In a new interview with Parade magazine, Cameron said despite her new role – playing a mom in “My Sister’s Keeper” — she isn’t ready to start a family.

“I think that it’s normal for people to ask that… especially of someone my age, because it seems like the obvious thing: ‘Why haven’t you done it?’ It doesn’t bother me. It’s not the cross I bear,” Cameron said. “I’m not somebody who is going to declare either way if I’m absolutely going to or I’m absolutely not going to have children. I have no idea. I’m still young. I have an unbelievable life. In some ways I have the life that I have because I don’t have children.”

Right now, Cameron is happy taking care of other people’s children in her role as auntie to her three nieces.

“I know what it’s like,” she said of having kids. “I’ve changed the diapers. I’ve seen three births, so I totally get the whole picture. I don’t think it’s a compromise not to [have kids], I think it’s just a different choice.

“People might say, ‘That’s bull. She actually really wants to have a baby,’” Cameron continued. “My answer is: ‘No! Everything I’m bringing into my life right now isn’t geared toward that. It might be one day.’”

For now, Cameron is happy just being part of a loving family that bonded together even more after the death last year of her beloved father, Emilio.

“My mother said, ‘If there’s such a thing as grieving well, then we’ve grieved well, as a family,’” Cameron explained. “I feel like we’ve done the best that we can through this. I think that’s something to be proud of.”

Another thing she is proud of – having been brought up as a “daddy’s boy.”

“He was a huge football fan,” Cameron said of her father. “Dad didn’t have a son, so my sister and I sort of absorbed his love of sports. We’d watch a game, and he’d be screaming at the top of his lungs. Dad was so funny and such a boy. It was great to have that influence in my life.”

Cameron also opened up about her love life, which has seen her date Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake and British model Paul Sculfor.

“I think that I’ve what I’ve found, in my experience, is that you always find the person who you’re meant to be with at that time in your life,” she said of relationships, generally. “And what I’ve also found is that you have to move on from those people at certain times, because that’s the way it happens. For me personally, there’s nothing wrong with that. A lot of people find themselves trapped in something that they’ve outgrown and are unhappy. And they don’t know how to get out of it because they think that they’re supposed to make it happen.”

Parade Magazine


  1. says

    Is Cameron Diaz going out with A-Rod? They are 2 unmarried, consenting adults and they can do anything they would like to do. At least they are not wed and playing about on their other halves.

  2. angela says

    women have to be ready for having children psychologically and financially too, I dont think we need to breed more poverty…..

  3. angela says

    i see Dr.Lola knows everything….what is your problem when someone have kids at 30 or 40??? i think you live your life by stereotyping and being narrow-minded… it is pity…let people decide when to have kids, it is their choice

  4. LOLA says

    ok so menapause may not happen at 40 for some women, BUT our fertility does decline at that age, Plus older moms look like the kid’s grandmothers!! at 36-40 it’s ok, after 40 they look too old to have babies. sorry!!!!

  5. says

    i bet she would be a good mom, thiough her kids would be beautiful and not to mnmention she just lost her dad not too long ago

  6. Tia :) says

    Easy there Sue. I only meant it as these stars always act as if they’re making a statement or being a hero because they dont want kids…that’s lovely if they don’ isnt for everyone… and as for menopause not happening at the age of 40…ask my mother who was 43.

  7. sue says

    Yes, we were meant to have kids before menopause and since the average age of menopause in this county is 51, at 36 she has nothing to worry about. You act like menopause happens at 40; it does not.

  8. LOLA says

    what I’m saying is: most women do want children and she’s no diffrent, weather she can afford the treatment and the twins is not the point. We were meant to have kids before menapause for a reason.

  9. angela says

    comment to LOLa: so what if she decides to have a baby in her 40? at least she can afford and fertility drugs and will be able to provide her child with everything he/she needs..not like some irresponsible women who breeds poverty and idiots,because they dont know how to bring up properly their child and dont have financial security..

  10. Lauren says

    I admire Cameron’s honesty. She candidly admits she’s not at the place in her life to have children. It changes your life after you start having children so good for her! I admire the way she lives her life and not by anyone or society’s rules.

  11. LOLA says

    she’ll be dying to have a baby at 40 like the rest of them, and use fertility drugs to have twins….


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