An Expectant Ellen Pompeo At Lakers Game


An expectant Ellen Pompeo, 39, was snapped arriving at last night’s L.A. Lakers game at the Staples Center in LA.

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  1. Cocoa says

    #27 – Kim. Quite the B*itch aren’t you? So what if I visit this site every other day! What the hell is it to you? Is there really not a site you go to often? It just so happens I have the luxury at work to play on the web, jealous? You can include yourself in the people I think are ridiculous…I know, I know, you don’t care. blah blah blah.

  2. Kim says

    “……You don’t see this on Just Jared, well certainly no where near as bad. WM needs moderators!”

    I guess when you spend your ENTIRE pathetic life on celebrity pregnancy sites some people are bound to make fun of you.

    So, why is it that you are on here all of the time? I’m a celebrity nut, but DAMN! I only come on here like once a month. You’re on here ALL THE DAMN TIME! Shouldn’t you be working or doing something else productive with your time? Honestly, you call others ridiculous?

    Cocoa, you need to get yourself a damn life!

    Peace Out!

  3. ShinyHappyPeople says

    There are some seriously disturbed people posting here. Is there no moderator?
    Cocoa, Kelly and Oriana, I am on your side.
    Although I do think a big deal is being made about the see thru top.

  4. Cocoa says

    I think the name “Oriana” is beautiful, even more so now that I know what it means. PS. You are a sweet person, Oriana.

    #19 has really got to go – I wonder why the webmaster won’t do anything about it. You don’t see this on Just Jared, well certainly no where near as bad. WM needs moderators!

  5. oriana says

    I thought Oriana was a strange name too when I first heard it but all of Samoa will disagree with you, it is the name of a flower in that country with a sweet fragance, although I will agree with you, not that much sweet about me so will beat you to the draw on your next comment! Ha!

  6. Cocoa says

    Thank you Oriana – I don’t even know what I did to ask for it. That person is seriously disturbed!

  7. Karen says

    or maybe not.. ive worn white tes that are fine under my lightbulbs in my room, but go outside and BAM thered my bra for the world to see, its really freakin annoying! i give up on white.
    maybe her nipples are changing color too, and an outfit that wasnt a problem earlier is bad now. iv never been pregnant but ive heard nipples get darker, whatev
    shes got a cute belly, wonder how thatll work for greys anatomy..

  8. oriana says

    I would think she is aware of her nipple showing thru, these celebs don’t care how they show off their bodies, it isn’t cute, it is silly!

  9. HappyShinyPeople says

    Of for petes sake people, so you saw a nipple through 2 layers of tee-shirt. Get over it and grow up while you’re at it.

  10. Cocoa says

    #4 idiot – plus it’s not her age that makes this top questionable. Not only are you an idiot you are a s_lut.


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