Oksana's Friend Says, "Oksana Is A Good Mother And She'll Make A Great Mother To Mel's Child"


Mel Gibson, 53, and Oksana Grigorieva, who is pregnant with Mel’s eighth child, are hard at work at their careers. Mel tends to film projects at his Santa Monica office while Oksana keeps busy making music at her house in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

“[Oksana] spent the last nine months locked up in a studio,” her mother Lyudmila Chernukha, a retired music teacher, told People magazine of her daughter’s collection of new songs – all of which Oksana, 39, wrote, arranged and sang herself.

Once work is over for the couple and the school bell has rung for Oksana’s son, Alexander, 11, it’s family time. Oksana and her son will often meet up with Mel – who is in the midst of divorce proceedings with his wife, Robyn – at his office or his Malibu home, sometimes dropping by a Russian restaurant that serves dishes from Oksana’s homeland: borscht, chicken Kiev and sturgeon.

“It [seems] very important to Oksana that Mel and her son bond,” said a source. “Mel is fun to be around and great with kids.”

At the end of the evening, the couple typically return to their separate homes so Oksana can get her son, whose dad is actor Timothy Dalton, off to a local school in the mornings. “She gets on well with Timothy Dalton, he is the father of her son after all,” said Oksana’s mother. “They parted on good terms and they see each other a lot.”

Looking forward to their baby together has the couple, and their friends, giddy. “Oksana is a good mother and she’ll make a great mother to Mel’s child,” said one of her friends. “She’s found the greatest thing in life, someone to take care of her and a father to her children.”

Soon, the pianist might not be able to reach the piano keys across her bulging belly. But no matter, says another friend. Like music, motherhood is another of Oksana’s callings.

“We’re very happy for her. She was trying to make it and now she has. She wins. She’s come from a rough background to find true happiness. Now she’ll do what she does best: be a mom and play piano.”

In the below pic Mel is pictured making fun of Octomom’s collagen-plumped lips during his appearance on Jay Leno while somehow not realizing that Octomom’s lips are almost identical to Oksana’s!




Oksana’s lips are featured on the right in the above two pics.


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  1. ladlam says

    Mel’s mistress looks A LOT like Octomom. Same lips, looks like she had a nose job. I hope Mel’s wife takes him to the cleaners!

  2. Lauren says

    Wow…this whole situation is just messed up. She’s set for life now. Got pregnant by Mel Gibson so now they’ll have ties together whether or not they break up!

  3. ShinyHappyPeople says

    Plastic surgery has been done on on Oksana’s nose & lips CLEARLY. And Mel has become such a joke with his anti-semitic views not to mention his drunken verbal diarrheah (sugar-tits).

  4. oriana says

    I see nothing special about this woman at all. Mel, I think you should be happy, but use some common sense!

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