Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Her Bikini Body On People Cover!


Looking at Melissa Joan Hart’s new 113-lb. bikini body, it’s hard to believe it was only last summer she felt “horrified” by the unflattering bathing suits shots taken of her at a Southern California beach.

“I still read blogs about me discussing how fat I’ve become,” Melissa told People magazine in the new issue, available on newsstands Friday.

“Everyone still thinks I’m huge,” said Melissa, 33, whose post-pregnancy body was the subject of cruel Internet attacks after she gave birth to sons Mason, 3, and Braydon, 14 months, with husband, Course of Nature lead singer Mark Wilkerson, 32. “But I’m not anymore!”

Melissa understands the confusion. After all, the public has grown accustomed to seeing celebs get back in their skinny jeans mere weeks after giving birth. “There are enormous pressures put on you in Hollywood,” she said.

Her inspiration to finally get back in the best shape of her life? The women in her life, including her friend, actress Jaime Pressly, who has a son, Dezi, 2, as well as her own mom Paula, who gave birth to seven children “and is tiny!” Melissa said. “I realized I didn’t have to be heavy just because I have kids.”

Added Jaime: “She finally took the time to take care of herself. I’m blown away by how amazing she looks.”

Reclaiming her slim figure took Melissa 14 months of hard work. “It didn’t happen by magic – it was as hard for me as it would be for anyone else,” she said. The fact that it took a little longer doesn’t bother her. “I didn’t want to take any time away from spending it with my sons,” she explained.

To get back in bikini shape, Melissa worked with nutritionist Derek Johnson at New Metabolism to change her diet. She also hit the gym with her trainer Mark Harari at Pulse Fitness Studio.

As for how she feels now? “I feel amazing!” she said. “I had to prove to myself that I could do it. I had to give it a go!”

Congratulations to Melissa..but I think it must be a little easier for her than for most moms as she had the help of a nutritionist and trainer to help keep her on track and such AND is on the cover of People magazine! That is a huge motivation to get in amazing shape!

I don’t mean to say that that should be an excuse to not be in great, healthy shape….but I do think that those things help. Most moms are too busy and distracted to remember to take care of themselves by eating properly and working out regularly.



  1. christine says

    Oh Please…There is no reason for cebrities to be over weight. Being in the public eye is there job.. I agree she has the money to paid for anyone to come and make sure here fat arse on track..Boring…

  2. Kelly is a dou_chebag says

    Kelly is right, people do this all of the time to mothers who have just given birth…pathetic!

  3. Kelly says

    No wonder people are obsessed with looks these days, that’s all the media is promoting. It is kind of sad. I think it’s great to eat right end exercise but we don’t need to be reminded everywhere on what should be the “norm” for an after baby body. I have 2 kids and it was really hard to get my body back. I felt everywhere I went after giving birth I was getting observed from head to toe to see if I had lost the baby weight, it made me VERY self conscious. SAD!

  4. Mari says

    Yeah, I am getting sick of the People diet covers and hearing about celebrity weight loss after baby in general. I see a mixed bag in real life: some loose it quickly and others don’t. I think most of us who want to loose weight or get into shape know what we can do better, but we choose not to.
    And to the person who said she looks more like 125 – you probably aren’t taking into account her height. She is 5’2″ and looks wonderful, with a slim and normal body! Not surgically enhanced! I am 145 and look just as slim, but I am 5’9″!!!

  5. Lmn says

    PEOPLE has just become a lame diet magazine. They constantly have diet covers- This one,valerie bertinelli, kristie alley,more. I’m sick of it! If I want to see this- I’ll buy Self magazine. US is more interesting now!

  6. atomicbeddy says

    They all do look wonderful, but we mere mortals have to remember that along with gobs of money, trainers and nutritionists to keep them on track, they also have armies of nannies and housekeepers so that they are able to spend the day at the gym. This normal woman does not have those luxuries.

  7. DMITZ says

    It’s not really about being too busy or distracted or not wanting to take time away from your children… it’s about not having the financial means these celebs do to hire their trainers and nutritionists! My husband and I did the whole trainer thing for a few months and while it worked wonders – it just got too expensive. They really do push you and help you set your goals that are hard to do yourself. My husband and I either take turns going to the gym or but mainly we use the “kids klub” or gym offers (very inexpensive) and work out 1-1.5 hrs/day. This way you spend time with your kids and get some exercise! So there’s no way I’d ever look as good as these celebs do but at least I’m doing something about it.

  8. LOLA says

    well Larissa…Valerie is twice her age, and she looks great! why can’t two women look great without there being competition or comparisons?? whatever….


    Valerie Bertinelli can wipe the smile off her face Melissa looks a lot
    better than Val.. It is great that she is doing this now..


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