Happy 3rd Birthday Shiloh!


Shiloh turns 3 today!

The firstborn daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was born in Namibia on May 27th, 2006.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Analise says

    What a cutie she is. Would love some recent pics of her. I’d rather see Shiloh, et al looking and acting like normal kids with parents who clearly adore them than Suri being pimped by her parents and raised in a cult.

  2. Nicole says

    Get over it people- I’m Native American and I don’t “expect” anything from society. I feel they should earn there own way just like everyone else.

  3. Deeds says

    #36~You say you have the desire to stick up for your race yet you fail to recognize that you are doing the same thing on the other side of the coin. You accuse #37 and I of being bigots because we don’t support your theory of don’t say anything indifferant about indians but it is alright if you do a little mud slinging. You are the true meaning of a bigot.

    bigot~a person who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, etc. A narrow-minded, intolerant person.

    I dont know where you get your information or views, you need to do your homework. In my anthropoligy class I was taught, as in all races, there was and still is a myriad of indian tribes. They all lived thier lives differantly. One thing I don’t understand is how an educated person lump all indians together.

    Umm, wasn’t this blog supposed to be about Shiloh?

  4. oriana says

    My Dear, I have been called dumb, stupid hillbilly, retarded freak, and many more endearments, much worse than a wild Indian, and those are the tame names I have been called and insulted, just goes with the flow and I shrugged them off.

  5. Native-American says

    No hang-ups or inferiority complex here Oriana, but thanks for assuming.
    What I have is a desire to stick up for my race when I hear ignorant comments. Maybe I’m a little sick of people thinking it’s still ok to promote stereotypes about indians.
    Oh, by the way, I don’t have anything against you. You are who you are, but hopefully I got you to at least think about how the comment might be construed as an insult by native americans.
    You take care now.

  6. oriana says

    I don’t think I am wrong at all, If I did, I would say so. You got your feathers in a ruffle by the comment “wild Indians”. You need to be a little more thick skinned than that. I think you feel inferior, I didn’t mean anything negative towards Indians and most people will realize that. You want to keep it going, I am finished with it, Deeds is not a bigot and I definitely am not, no matter how you want to dwell on it. You really have some hang ups about being an Indian, don’t push them off on me because of one simple comment.

  7. Native-American says

    Deeds I agree with only one thing you said, That we are all entitled to our opinions. But I find it laughable that you feel you & orians opinions are valid while mine is “frothing at the mouth”.
    #34 Oriana, “boo-hoo”? seriously? Your ignorance has me LOL’ing not Boo-hoo’ing.
    It doesn’t matter how minor either of you think that insult is. It is NEVER right to insult based on race or religion. I think you are both smart enough to realize you’re wrong but obviously rather too stubborn to actually admit it.
    No matter how you slice it ladies, you’re both bigots.

  8. fatty ori says

    To Oriana:

    You really need to learn to spell girl!! You should be spending your time in school and/or reading a spelling book, not posting on a gossipt website.

    Can you say P A T H E T I C!

    P.s., I bet I know what you are just by your responses and spelling errors!! 😉

  9. oriana says

    Deeds, you are right, Zahara does look mean and hateful most of the time and I think she is the Leader in that household amongst the kids. I thought she was an U@@y baby and #1 BRAT of all the celeb kids, but now I think she is very pretty and will be a gorgeous woman when she gets older. I think she will follow Angie’s lead and be a strong influence in Peace movements and possibly working for the U.N. She will not be the pretty “baby Doll” look that Shiloh has with her Babyface but who knows. This is not my fave family and has never been.

  10. oriana says

    Boo Hoo! Yes, I used the term “wild Indians” and Yes, I will again. Stop trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, and yes, I like mountains, and no, I don’t like moles, of any kind.

  11. Native-American says

    When you use the phrase “wild indians” to describe someone in a negative fashion, then yes, it’s the same as saying n*gger, kraut, wetback, raghead etc.
    Just because I am trying to enlighten you Oriana, and expand your views a bit, doesn’t mean that I consider myself “lily white”. You are very defensive in your last e-mail so that tells me you see nothing wrong at all with labeling “brats” as “wild indians”.
    Let me ask you, does it seem normal to call an unruly child a “wild Jew” or a “wild Chinese”? No, of course not.
    You said: “There are people much more than yours that have been persecuted that have my sympathies!”
    What does that mean? Please explain. Do you think that some persecuted people deserve more sympathy than others? Yes, many people have suffered at the hands of elitists.
    Obviously you are not going to change your viewpoint, which is pretty sad. I guess you’ll continue on with your bigoted and naive way of thinking and continue to throw “wild indians” out as an insult as you see fit.

  12. oriana says

    Yes, I knew I had misspelled the word because it was underlined in Red, didn’t bother to go back and correct it.

    If you don’t see a difference between the word “N@@@r and the words Wild Indians then you need more help than I do. No, I don’t think it is just only possible that Indians once behaved Wildly because of being driven from their homes and slaughtered, I know they were lied too and stolen from also, but they were still wild in many instances they chose too.

    So don’t act like you are Lily White just because you are a Native American. There are people much more than yours that have been persecuted that have my sympathies! And before you accuse me of being prejudiced and discriminating against Lilies, they are one of my favorite flowers!

  13. Native-American says

    Oriana, there is no such word as “heathern”. But if you mean “heathen” that is no more tolerant than saying “wild Indian”.
    A heathen, by definition, is a person who doesn’t believe in or adhere to an organized religion. So right there you are alienating pagans, atheists, wiccans, non-christians/jews/muslims, or even those who believe in god but who don’t go to church! Those people are clean, civilized, educated, have morals & follow rules/the law. You need to get out of the dark ages Oriana.
    I live in Alaska. My people, and Alaskans in general, are very tolerant and open to other cultures/beliefs. Of course I have heard the phrase “wild indians” before. I have also heard the word “n*gger”. Just because it has been used often over the years doesn’t make it right. Do you think it’s possible that indians once behaved wildly because they were being slaughtered and driven from their homes by European invaders with guns?

  14. Anne says

    Such a beautiful little girl that looks messy and unkempt instead of in pretty outfits. No matter how many kids Angelina has, it seems only the boys dress like boys. Too many children and not enough time for them and feed them junk and give them lots of toys! Wonder how the twins are being dressed and fed!

  15. oriana says

    Deeds, I am surprised she didn’t put gray and black diapers on these kids. Enough of the dull, drab clothes!

  16. oriana says

    Deeds, all these kids have been dressed in dull clothes and dull colors ever since they were born. I am surprised she didn’t have gray or black diapers for them too! Shiloh is gorgeous and she is dressed like a little boy most of the time in drab colors. Brad doesn’t have the guts to speak up and say anything obviously!

  17. Deeds says

    Shiloh is beautiful, however, if she was “cleaned up” and wore a dress style of he own like Suri. Shiloh would blow all the other celebrity kids right out of the water. Maybe that’s why they don’t dress her up. Zahara couldn’t handle it. Has anyone here seen AJ wear second hand clothes or jewelry? Her way of thinking is “what’s good for the goose isn’t for the gander”.

  18. oriana says

    She is a beautiful child, and Zahara is a stunner also. I have to disagree with K5mommy, she is not the second born daughter of them, she is the first, she is the first biological child. Zahara is their first daughter but she is not a biological born child. All the kids are as cute as can be and I think Brad’s twin son looks just like him.

  19. Lauren says

    Shiloh is so cute! Looks more and more like Brad. I want to see new pix of Knox and Viv. I bet they’re darling, they’re almost a year.

  20. oriana says

    #22, I apologize to you, I didn’t mean any disrespect, I have heard that expression all my life about Wild Indians, so should have said, Wild Heatherns, unless you are a heathern, hope you don’t have a problem with that expression. No, I don’t think I am superior to Indians, and surely you have heard that expression used before yourself, I do think I am superior to someone letting their kids run wild, no manners taught, no limits set, and being kept clean. These kids don’t appear that way to me. As for the wild Indians, I think 100 years ago, they did run wild and free, but guess you should take that up with John Wayne and Warner Bros., MGM, Universal Studios, they need to stop filming them that way and show them as cultured and college educated.

  21. Native-American says

    This is to Oriana of #10. You say that Shiloh acts like a brat because she is being raised like a “wild indian”.
    It shows how little you know about native american indians and how we raise our young. Your comment is ra*cist, you obviously think you are somehow superior to indians.

  22. Kati says

    Happy belated birthday, sweetie Shiloh Nouvel! You´re a very beautiful little girl. May your life be a happy and long one. You have such a loving parents and loving brothers and sisters. Hope you had a nice b-day party and got a lot of presents! May God bless you and your wonderful family always!

  23. bambamswife7 says

    She is a beautiful child, but her parents_ yuck. They surely don’t know how to dress their little girl. jolie dresses, what is wrong with dressing her children?
    What does Jen have to give up #3, Bella? Jen called it quits a long time ago with Brad Pitt. Smart woman. I always liked Brad Pitt, but now, oh well. I hope he wises up soon.

  24. Mpule says

    Oh shiloh resembles her mom, she’s such a beauty and me being a Namibian I’m proud that she was born on our soil. Cheers!

  25. mayra sanchez says

    hola Kx5,espero que estes bien al igual que tus cincos hermosos chicos, espero que tus cinco chicos se encuentren bien

    un abrazoooooooooooooooo

  26. oriana says

    Not a recent picture, Angie refuses to dress these girls like little girls, why I have never understood! She is cute but acts like a brat like Zahara is. And before you start screaming, got that from Brad on how she acts. I think these kids are being raised like wild Indians so doesn’t surprise me any. She is a beautiful child, looks just like Jon Voight, always has.

  27. uk sue says

    Lovely little girl, l do hope they stay together as they have such a colourful and lovely family-none of my bisuiness but why doe’snt she make an honest man of him? lt would be so lovely for this family.

  28. Deeds says

    Shiloh is so precious looking. Especially since her parents took the time on such a special day and dolled her up. Maybe if she had her hood down we could see her perfectly brushed hair. I wonder if she got he blue toy she is holding for a birthday gift?

  29. Jenny says

    This little girl is going to be GORGEOUS as a teen and young woman.

    She is soooo cute! Looks just like Brad 🙂

  30. . says

    the webmistress may have used clever wording to tiptoe around it;
    but it doesnt change the fact that Shiloh is NOT their first child!
    they had adopted children way before shiloh was born!

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