Matt Lauer & Family At Memorial Day Parade


Matt Lauer, 51, and wife Annette were snapped watching the Memorial Day parade on main Street in Sag Harbor with their son Jack, 7, daughter Romy, 5, and son Thijs, 2.

Splash News Online


  1. rositta says

    the girl is a spitting image of matt lauer, well the two boys look similar, they both look like their mother

  2. Lmn says

    She files for divorce. Then she gets knocked up and she recinds the divorce petition. This has happened twice already. I think you pronounce the son’s name Dxhywshjcfg

  3. oriana says

    She always looks miserable and unhappy, he is no great prize, not even handsome and he is stuck on himself!

  4. says

    I think the kids are adorable…the boys are especially handsome….the older boy looks like mom and the younger looks more of dad. The little girl appears to be a good mixture of both.

  5. denise says

    i used to think the kids looked totally like matt. but, having seen his wife now i think they look like both. mat and his wife look alike as well.

    i wonder too, how the name of their 3rd child is pronounced.


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