Steven Spielberg & Family


Steven Spielberg, 62, and wife Kate Capshaw, 55, were snapped with daughters Sasha, 19, and Destry, 12, at the Malibu Mart for lunch on Memorial Day weekend.

Splash News Online


  1. oriana says

    Yes, it is great he is still with his wife after she helped break up his marriage to his first one! I am glad that Amy got $100 million settlement, she deserved it. Just because Spielberg is a great director doesn’t make him a Saint! His now wife bragged that she shamelessly chased him down till she caught him, nothing worth bragging about to me!

  2. Tabbie says

    How great that Steven is still with his wife and seemingly living a normal life complete with family time together.

    No need to hate on these girls just because they were born into money. Not every rich kid becomes a vapid waste of life like Paris Hilton.

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