Jessica Alba, Cash Warren & Honor Marie At The Beach In Malibu


Jessica Alba, 28, Cash Warren and daughter, Honor Marie, were snapped spending the afternoon on the beach in Malibu.

Honor Marie will celebrate her first birthday on June 7th!

Splash News Online


  1. Jaxon says

    I think she is adorable in her solemn as an owl chubbieness. But I have never seen this kid smile. Ever. Rather like her mother.

  2. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Ya’ll are being really rude. Honor is an adorable little girl and I love her name! How can you call a darling like she is “homely”?!? That’s just cruel.

  3. LOLA says

    she is getting soooo cute!!!! she will be a beauty like her mom, you’ll see!! she looks like Jessica more now, as a baby she looked more like Cash. I think she’s adorable!

  4. denise says

    she´s very adorable. but, the name honor has still not grown on me. i think we should just call her marie from now on.

  5. Melody says

    Oh wow, that last picture is just adorable! What a facial expression! She will probably need to wax her eyebrows when she gets older, but thats ok, so many people do!

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