Christie Brinkley & Daughter At Memorial Day Bash


Christie Brinkley, 55, and daughter Alexa Ray Joel, 23, were snapped at the home of Niche Media CEO Jason Binn and his wife Hailey for their annual Memorial Day Weekend Bash.

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  1. shameful says

    I think one day the “blog” will be analyzed for what it really is – a forum for the bitter, internally unattractive, miserable souls to vent their unhappiness by going out of their way to be vicious to other human beings. If maligning a child or her mother that they do not know gives these people pleasure, some serious shrinkage is in order. Just sayin’.

  2. Annachestnut says

    Daughter is pretty and great figure. Exotic looking. Sad for Christie. I am her age. Time marches on.

  3. L says

    Me, learn some new adjectives and get a new attitude. You make only rude and negative comments and include the word “homely” in every one of them. It’s getting old.

  4. jordan says

    Emma needs to stop with her stupid you tube. This is not the only website where she posted her video. Emma posts some of her stupid video on just Jared. What a loser.

  5. Karina the Great says

    wow she is sooo diffrent she dosent even look a bit like her mom … well shes not that bad looking….

  6. TMcGill says

    Sorry haters!

    Christie’s beauty is timeliness. Has nothing to do with age or being “blonde”. Some women just have the IT factor.

  7. Granny says

    Thank goodness we can all be considered “beautiful” at any age. Because if being beautiful means having to look 25 and be a blue-eyed blonde then we will all need to all cut our wrists eventually.

    Thank God for versity.

  8. LOLA says

    she’s 55??? omg! she look amazing! both are very pretty, Alex looks more like her dad. she’s not ugly, tho….

  9. ? says

    Alexa looks exactly like her father. Not as pretty as her mother though. Not sure if I like that pose….

  10. denise says

    what a wonderful picture. looks like mom and daughter are having a blast together.

    christie is still very beautiful.

    alexa ist turning into a beautiful woman.

  11. Sue says

    How does Christie not age?! How can she still be so drop-dead gorgeous!? I guess if you start out as pretty as her, then you just stay pretty!

  12. Cocoa says

    Alexa definitely takes after her father. I totally disagree with those who say she’s homely. I googled her to get a better idea and she is actually quite stunning.

  13. Polly says

    Christie is a timeless beauty!! Her daught is not ‘homely’…since when does she qualify as ‘homely’…my goodness…sometimes ‘jealousy’ clouds our outlook…look in the mirror & accept yourself before you make judgement on someone else….she is far from homely!!!!

  14. Kay says

    Nobody here would say that to her face, so don’t be mean just because you are anonymous! Whatever happened to common courtesy?

  15. eh? says

    Christie is looking old! She once used to be a beautiful woman. The operative word is “used to” but she looks okay for her age – 55!. Alexa is a stunningly beautiful woman and I love her smile and her large doe eyes! What a beauty!!

  16. mike says

    Christy is like a fine wine, getting even better with age. Her daughter will come around, hopefully.

  17. me says

    I’m sorry, but her daughter is so homely looking. Anyone who has kids with Billy Joel are bound to turn out very homely.


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