Tom Cruise & Son At Lakers Game


Tom Cruise was snapped with son Connor, 14, at an L.A. Lakers game at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday.

They are a handsome pair!

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  1. Mpule says

    Connor is handsome, I havent seen Bella’s pic. There’s something about Connor which resembles Tom, I heard that children can get some features from the people who are always around them even from a person whose name they are named after.

  2. Tabbie says

    Cute kid, but did Tom get these kids in the divorce settlement? You NEVER see them with Nicole anymore. And now that she has her little girl Sunday, that’s the only kid she talks about in interviews.

    Too bad – they need some normalcy in their life instead of only input from weirdo Tom and Stepford Katie.

  3. maya says

    Sheesh Briana, you are the creepy one, just look in the mirror.

    Connor is very handsome and even though he is adopted, there is something about him that is so Tom Cruise. Handsome father and son.

  4. mourvicaud is a douc_hebag says

    Yeah, they look just alike. I agree that Connor doesn’t look anything like Pheobe.

  5. Kay says

    I think Poster #6 is just being facetious! Conner doesn’t look anything like Tom. He’s adopted. But I agree, he is a handsome young man!

  6. morvicaud says

    Are you tinking about what you’re writting Twins????? Connor is adopted!!!
    He is very cute, that is right!

  7. L says

    Just because there aren’t a ton of paparazzi pictures of them with their mother, doesn’t mean that they don’t spend any time with her. Connor is very handsome. He looks much older than he is.

  8. bethy says

    Connor is a nice looking teenager. He looks very mature. it would be interesting to see him in an interview!

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