Is Gisele Bundchen Pregnant?


(In the above pic Gisele was snapped leaving the Costume Institute Gala in NYC on May 4th)

Tom Brady, 31, and Gisele Bundchen, 28, may be expecting their first child together!

RadarOnline is reporting that Gisele is pregnant with her first child. Tom and Gisele married in February in California and in April in Costa Rica.

“Gisele and Tom had two wedding ceremonies, and now she’s told close friends that she’s expecting their first baby together,” the web site reported.

“A source close to Bundchen, who turns 29 in July, told us she would not be surprised if the report is true. “(Gisele) is good at keeping a secret, but I think this time is a go,” the Boston Globe reported.

Tom Brady has a son, John, 1, with actress Bridget Moynahan.

We’ll see!

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  1. Susie says

    She IS pregnant. my uncle is friends with the Brady family and when he congratulated Tom and his family on the news of the pregnancy they thanked him and said how excited they are. So, yes folks. She is pregnant and that is from the source.

  2. onatear says

    Underneath that bulge are intestines. Where else do you think they could possibly be? It’s so crazy to point to every belly and say “PREGNANT?”.

  3. She-rah! says

    looks like she has just eaten to me. She’s that slim even eating a grape would show her looking pregnant!

    Good luck if she is tho

    AND…… i think she is very pretty! So there.

  4. miapocca says

    Boy will she be glad..she is in a damn hurry to get rid of the other baby and replace with her own…
    Brayd better THINK…if he can, because this marriage is not going to last and he will have babies all over the place and his child support will be totally messy…

    HMM…NOT A bad idea though, he will finally find out how classy Bridgette is once this naziquisha takes him to court over the pennies…ahahahh

  5. Maybe says

    I don’t see what’s so pretty about her. She’s got a big nose, long chin, big jaw…..Ever see her without makeup? She’s a beast.

  6. Brianna says

    I would trade that bump for my bump any day! I guess RadarOnline and the webmaster for this site are desperate for stories.

  7. Charly says

    I cannot believe this is even posted !!! I would be insulted if someone insinuated that I was pregnant just because of a small bump. And then America wonders why girls have weight problems. They are affraid of stupid, hurtful, and unwarranted statements made by magazines and catalogs like this. Stop the stupidity and tell it like it is…
    So much easier…
    America has become scoop crazy !!!

  8. Melody says

    OMG, are they joking? she does not look pregnant. she looks like she was standing with her back arched and so her tummy stuck out a bit.

  9. no name says

    who is she? and him? looks like a taller version of Kate Moss, nothing special at all. Prettier girls where l live. Now Ageyness she is special.

  10. denise says

    based on these pictures i would not think she is pregnant.
    looks more like she ate a full dinner.

    nevertheless, if she is congrats.


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