1. oriana says

    He does have a very mature look to him, and I don’t think he is cute at all. Maybe when he gets older and gets some hair he will look cuter.

  2. Lurker says

    I agree he has a ‘mature’ look about least in this picture. I’d say it was more of a view, the pose..but really I think more about what he’d look like when he’s playing with his parents. Pretty much all babies are cute as can be when they’re smiling and laughing. Heck in this shot he could have just woken up!

    I don’t know anything about Ashlee Simpson’s “old nose”..I remember hearing she’d had a nose job at some point but I don’t recall what her nose USED to look like!
    I do know though that IMO, I don’t see Pete in him..but I’m certainly no expert on this couple!

  3. Mpule says

    The little buddy is so cute, deserves a kiss: mwaah mwaah! It seems im very far behind with these celebrity news, when did ashlee fall pregnant?

  4. Nahla says

    You can say that again Justin, am also wondering whats so cute about this baby. He is just like any ordinary baby, just there. Please lets be honest

  5. Cocoa says

    #16 Justice – No, I really do think he’s cute; adorable actually. Very true though that he has Ashlee’s old nose, that’s kinda funny! 🙂

  6. kendall says

    Ashlee and Pete made these grand statements about not selling pics. Yet if anyone cares to note their baby pictures are in more mags and on more web sites then those of Celebs who did sell baby pictures.Angelina Jolie Christina Augerila I wonder which was worst. Their kids seem way more overexposed to me.

  7. Justice says

    What’s so cute about him? He looks odd and has Ashlee’s pre-plastic surgery nose. Are you commentators just being polite or what?

  8. Kaylee says

    Bronx is a cutie!! He does resemble Ashlee more than Pete. But, as he gets older, who knows?? Babies change all the time

  9. this may be says

    this is probably the only time you’ll see like this. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of Pete and his kid together.

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