Bristol Palin On Life With Her Baby Son


Bristol Palin’s pretty, lightly freckled face was nowhere to be seen on the overhead screen as images from her high-school senior slideshow – photos from the prom and a Class of 2009 portrait set against the Alaska snow – played during May 14th’s Wasilla High commencement ceremony.

Did it make her sad to have missed out on so much senior-year fun – to be spending graduation night not with a bunch of friends but at home, giving her 5-month-old son a bottle while her extended family plays “Eskimo bingo”?

Bristol, Sarah Palin’s eldest daughter, answers: “I have other things to worry about.”

Bristol Palin, 18, is uncertain where she will go to college – she’s thinking of a two-year business program – but says her near future will include advocating for teen-pregnancy prevention.

“Girls need to imagine and picture their life with a screaming newborn baby and then think before they have sex,” she tells People magazine. “Think about the consequences.”

There is no nanny in the Palin house. Bristol gets up – usually twice during the night – to feed Tripp, who sleeps in a hand-me-down crib in her bedroom, and she says she has worked on at least one school paper with her son crying in the background. She breastfed her baby for a month, pumping milk before class and rushing straight home to feed him. And she worked two part-time jobs to help pay for the diapers and formula her parents otherwise supply.

“If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having sex,” says Bristol, sitting at her parents’ lakeside patio table. “Trust me. Nobody.”

As for her breakup with Levi, 19, with whom she’s still trying to resolve child support and visitation issues, Bristol says it was for the best. “I’m thankful we didn’t get married because if it wasn’t going to work now, it wasn’t going to work in five years.”

For more on Bristol’s life with her baby and exclusive at-home photos of the Palin family, pick up this week’s issue of People magazine, on newsstands Friday.



  1. Too Real says

    Good for her. She’s taking responsibility and moving on towards her future, which includes her son. Teens have sex. So do 30 year old women who get pregnant and have abortions. The stigma attached to teen pregnancy is ridiculous. No, I don’t advocate it and will lock my kid away (kidding), but condoms break, the pill can fail and abstinence is unrealistic for most. All you can do is attempt to be responsible at ANY age and deal with any consequences should the arise.

    And to the person(s) who think underage girls don’t get abortions without parental consent… wake up. Oh right. Those abortionists are the moral compass of society. They don’t care at ALL about the money.

  2. oriana says

    Why is my comment being moderated? What is wrong with saying I think she is a good mother, this seems to be a devoted family, and I hope she goes on to College? What in the Hell is wrong with that?

  3. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    I’m happy to see Bristol being so honest about her situation and doing something to make Tripp’s life good. Many teen mothers would not have a plan in action, but it seems like she has a level head and knows what to do. I’m glad

  4. Kailee says

    I knew a 15 year old girl when i was at school (this was only 7 years ago) her parents were EXTREMELY strict, she was not allowed to date; that was clear, but she still dated a boy secretly behind her parents’ backs.
    the two had dated for over three years but they never had sex; the girl was far to worried about her parents fiding out, as far as they were concerned she would be a vigin until she married (the man was to be chosen by them aswell!)
    basically my point is: fear will stop your children doing things, but only the fear of getting caught, not fear of the parents, but regardless of that; would you want your child growing up hating you just so they followed the rules?
    i certainly wouldnt!!!

  5. N says

    #17 It is not possible for an underaged minor to get an abortion unless another IRRESPONSIBLE adult signed for them. You can not get an abortion without parental consent when you are a child.

    Also, having two parents in the household does not stop teenagers from having sex. Being in extracurricular activities also do not stop teenagers from having sex. A teen that wants to have sex will and a teen that doesn’t wont.

  6. Renee says

    Besides Granny, are the people on this board making all the comments actually the parents of teenagers? Or is your expeience on limited to at one time being a teenager. For me its both, and I know teenager will do what they want, when they wants if they truly want. Good parents, bad parents, teenagers are teenagers. And before you bash me, my teenager is graduating, no drinking, no drugs and no pregnancies.

  7. Granny says

    We were tight with our children and they all got through highschool with no pregnancies, DUIs or anything major. We spent lots of leisure time together, went to church as a family, lots of extracurricular activities with parental support. But occassionally one of them will spill the beans on something they did and we didn’t know. That’s what I mean about determined kids. You can slow their opportunities for sex down but that doesn’t mean you can eliminate the option or change their choice.

  8. Cocoa says

    Granny – I think the point was that teens with parental participation will not be determined to partake in that kind of behavior…

    Kay – That is a very good point, didn’t think about that. Irresponsible indeed!

  9. Kay says

    What kind of a message is this ‘People’ Cover sending to young girls? Graduate with a baby in your arms! Very irresponsible!

  10. Granny says

    I’ve noticed that even in the best families, those with extreme parental participation, that if a teen is determined to have sex, to drink, skip school, or any other activity, consider it done.

  11. wtc says

    What ridiculous information. I didn’t have sex before I was married. Perhaps it was because I was active in other activies growing up (i.e. sports, school clubs, etc).

    Parents need to stop being so damn lazy and get out there and get involved with their children. I doubt a majority of teenage girls are having sex because it feels good to them…it’s because they are bored, want attention, or a million other reasons that involve parents NOT being involved.

  12. sweetie says

    Wow. That is really admiring. She is doing fine with her baby and the good thing is she was able to graduate from high school. I hope a lot of girls learn from her experience. If teens think they are mature enough to have sex, then they should be mature enough to handle the consequences after. Nothing is 100% in life except death. It does not matter what method of birth control you use there is always a possibility of getting pregnant.

  13. sue says

    It is ridiculous to assume that teens are not going to have sex. That is why we should be focusing on protection! Condoms, birth control! Parents that are so against these things are living in the dark ages. Condoms do not make teens have more sex. Teens have been having sex since the beginning of time; that will not change. And the chances of condoms breaking are so RARE if put on properly; it is just another claim by the wacky and crazy religious right. Instead of teaching about protection they are teaching about studying about Jesus and to turn away from sex instead! Very realistic.

  14. Sarita says

    I think she needs to realize that sex does not equal “screaming baby” that should be unsafe sex. I find it ridiculous that that fact is always overlooked by these pregnant teenagers that later say they shouldn’t have been having sex.

    Many teenagers are ready for sex and have it and turn out fine. They put to practice what they have learned about sex and protect themselves.

  15. Cocoa says

    It too bad that she had this child so young but at least she is taking responsibility, that is admirable. And not like some young girls who have their children then sit at home on welfare with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth and their grubby children running around uncontrolled. She is still making something of herself. Kids may slow us down but they don’t have to ruin us. I am glad I had my child young, I had way more patience then than I do now. I wish her all the best.

    PS. I agree with #2 wholeheartedly, it is so true. Young girls are not prepared for what comes along with having sex. The physical act is nothing, it’s the rest that is hard to deal with.

  16. Trisha says

    The only perfect solution to an unwanted pregnancy is ABSTINENCE! I agree wholeheartedly with Just Me…condoms do in fact break!

  17. Just Me says

    Not to open a can of worms, janie jones, but condoms break. Even if condoms were 100 percent effective, sex isn’t just physical, it’s emotional, too. Not everyone is ready for that, especially teenage girls, who feel the world is over if they get a pimple or if a boy doesn’t call them back.

  18. janie jones says

    “If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having sex,” says Bristol, sitting at her parents’ lakeside patio table. “Trust me. Nobody.”

    tsss… it sounds as if sex was a bad thing!! if they had used a condom she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant.

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