Great Links!

Geri Halliwell smokes while out for a stroll with daughter Madonna.

Katie Holmes picks up Suri from ballet lessons.

Michelle Williams and Matilda at a Brooklyn playground.

Rod Stewart desperate for another child.


  1. Too Real says

    Geri Halliwell…nice. And she’s a breast cancer prevention advocate.

    A bag lady and Suri Cruise…

    Rod Stewart PLEASE NO. He’s still alive?

  2. Cocoa says

    PS. I just quit 3 years ago but while I smoked I NEVER ever smoked when my son was around me or in the house.

  3. Cocoa says

    I agree Meream. She could have waited to have a smoke, just tacky to do it with your kid around…oh yeah, and with the paparazzi around! Duh.

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