Rebecca Romijn: "Being A Mom Makes Me Feel Whole"


Rebecca Romijn started her career as a model – and, following in her footsteps, her 4-month-old daughters have now posed for their first fashion photo shoot.

Featured with her girls for an InStyle magazine spread, the actress says that Mom is her most rewarding role to date.

“Being a mom makes me feel whole and like I understand the meaning of life,” Romijn, 36, tells InStyle for the June Sexy issue, on newsstands May 22. “All I want to do is stare into my babies’ eyes nonstop.”

Romijn, who has already lost 60 lbs. since giving birth to Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip in December, is nearly back to her pre-baby body – but says she doesn’t worry too much about her figure.

“I’m a jeans size up from where I usually am, but there’s nothing about it that freaks me out,” she says. “I feel as sexy as I have ever felt. I’ve always said that sexy is having a really strong sense of yourself and never taking yourself too seriously.”

As for how her husband, Jerry O’Connell, is handling a house full of women, Romijn praises him as a wonderful dad. “He’s got endless amounts of energy, and he’s having such a blast with these girls.”

Just don’t ask O’Connell what it will be like when the girls are older. Jokes Romijn: “He’s determined not to let them ever date while he is alive.”



  1. Too Real says

    I didn’t see the pics so can’t comment on her kids. Though their names leave much to be desired. She is a gorgeous, though stupid woman. uksue, cripes already. Hello? Brain in there? It’s a JOKE men say about their little girls. For that matter, some Mom’s say it, too.

    BUT, I agree it’s ridiculous the way the magazines and media continues to play up the “already lost xxx weight since giving birth 2 weeks ago” BS. I’ll just stop paying all of my bills and buying food for my kid so I can hire a personal trainer and chef.

  2. aww says

    Very well said.

    I also think it is easier for the women (celebrities or not) to speak about how great life is and how “weight and image” isn’t an issue (yeah right) when it’s not for them. I guarantee that if this gal still had 30 or 40 lbs to lose she wouldn’t talk about feeling sexy.

    These type of statements commonly come from the women that do bounce right back – with major help, of course. If image and weight weren’t that important, these women wouldn’t work so hard to get back in shape as quickly and unrealistically as they do.

  3. momof2 says

    While I have nothing against this woman, think she’s gorgeous and wish her and her family well, I am just SO sick and tired reading about celebrities losing their baby weight–it is SUCH an unfair and unrealistic standard to set for the rest of us!

    No one is forcing us to look at the pictures and read the articles, obviously–but I’m sure most typical moms feel a stab of envy reading how “easy” it’s been to lose the weight. Of course–if we all had nannies, stylists, trainers, nutritionists, and a job that allowed us to take many months off without worrying about money or security, it would be much easier to lose the baby weight.

    I say this as someone who is less than 5 lbs away from her pre-baby weight–I think I’m doing pretty well! I just don’t appreciate the overwhelming amount of these string bean celebrity moms. It’s something that is unattainable to the vast majority of women.

  4. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Rebecca is so beautiful! Dolly and Charlie are gorgeous little girls, as well. 🙂

  5. Kay says

    Daddy’s love to joke about that! Even though they are kidding deep down it’s a scary thing for a daddy to see his little girl grow up.

  6. kat says

    uk sue, Jerry is just exaggerating. I’m sure he’ll let his girls live and not make them miserable! I think a lot of dad’s say that when their daughters are newborns.

  7. uk sue says

    Why do men always say when they have a daughter that they are never going to date- you cant stop them growing into women. Let them make their own men mistakes, its part of living and growing- let go once they are 18.

  8. sue says

    I always wonder why women always look so miserable being moms when so many women claim that it is the most rewarding experience they have ever had. Maybe you feel that way when your kids are 30 and out of the house lol

  9. christine says

    She looks amazing. Her babies Dolly, and Charlie are so beautiful I just view the picture of them on in Style. Pretty little girls they are beautiful blue eyes like Rebecca. She looks so happy being a mom. Being a Mother is the most rewarding experience anyone can have.

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