Dancing Daughters

Katie holmes and Suri coming out of her dance class in Los Angeles

Katie Holmes and Suri, as well as Denise Richards and daughter Lola, were snapped coming out of dance class in Los Angeles yesterday. Still wearing her dance shoes, little Suri navigated her way down the stairs holding Katie’s hand, while a tired-looking Lola had to be carried out by mom Denise.

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  1. Mpule says

    Why cant lola just get a……..what are those toys without bottles that babies always to suck on called? whatever their called, her mom shud get it for her.

  2. kat says

    Why are people so concerned about thumb sucking? My brother’s friend still sucked his thumb until he was a teenager! Yes, weird but true. As far as I can remember he never needed a brace.

  3. jamie says

    so sad that those sheen girls NEVER ever look happy……. so they suck thumbs so what ……it’s their only comfort let them be…they dont have a spaceship to save them like suri

  4. oriana says

    Well, just how old is a child supposed to be too old to stop thumb sucking and walking around with a pacifier all the time?

    Sorry Granny, you are my friend, but 40 years old and sucking thumb in her sleep? Well, at least she isn’t walking around doing it!

  5. KLUM says

    I haven’t trashed Kingston, he’s a cute little Boy and I’ve said it’s pretty normal for sucking thumbs or using a Pacifier at that age 😉
    I would never criticize parents for their parental skills that i didn’t even know (sorry,my english sucks).

  6. hellorazzi says

    To:#6-Morvicaud,you are so right about your comments.
    People who dislike others will actually find someone to trash.Let’s say for example;Suri,is not properly dressed to her dance class,she’s still on her bottle,she’s being carried all the time.If she ever does the other way around,she’s still been criticized.No matter what people are just never be satisfied.This is the same thing with the Sheen girls,Kingston and so on.They are just kids who are very innocent.Don’t blame these children nor thier families,they are happy and well taking care of.Only those who are jealous.

  7. KLUM says

    Many many kids sucking their thumbs at that age,it’s normal! Kingston for example has still a Pacifer and he turns 3 this month.


    What a big difference between Suri and Lola…Lola is better dressed for dance class..
    It is sad that Suri and Katie are so LOW BUDGET THESE DAYS…!!

    But Lola is dressed for it..!! Tights and a nice outfit…

  9. Granny says

    Sorry, but I have a well adjusted cousin in her early 40’s. She sucks her thumb when sleeping.

    Little children often suck their thumbs. Bet she quits before long.

  10. oriana says

    Kids still sucking on their thumbs when they get as old as some celeb kids should be encouraged by their parents not to do it. I don’t understand why it is so acceptable to many parents.

  11. denise says

    my heart goes out to lola and sam. they really always look unhappy. even in the tv-show, they hardly ever smiled and i don´t remember them laughing.
    hopefully, denise and charlie will soon burie the hatchet.

    lola and suri both are very pretty.

  12. foxy says

    I sucked my thumb and was a very very happy child i have no problems at all with my teeth, who cares if other stars children dont suck thier thumbs EVERY child is different.

    Suri has a blanket doesnt she? thats her comfort there. Children find comfort from different things thumbs, dummys, Blankets, Labels, Hair, stroking something the list goes on.

  13. kayla says

    Sorry I meant to say do you see any other celebrity child around Lola age. Who still suck on her/his thumb? There is suri Francesca daisy violet Kingston ava. Lola still have a thumb sucking problem nor does that child ever smile she’s a lonely little girl. Same with her sister Sam is nearly 5 she still sucks on her thumb.

  14. Melody says

    #11 Kayla– “Do you see any others 3 year old still sucking on her thumb?”

    In response to that question—I am a preschool teacher….I teach a class of two-three year olds and I have another class of 3-5 year olds. It is very common for children of Lola’s age to suck thumbs and I see this behavior in many other children FREQUENTLY.

  15. sue says

    Kayla, there are things called “periods” that go between “sentences”. Try using them every once in awhile.

  16. kayla says

    People are going to said something about Lola still sucking on her thumb or her not smiling Lola is 3 year old still sucking on her thumb she is way to old. Do you see any others 3 year old still sucking on her thumb suri violet ava? Lola is just a unhappy little girl same goes for her sister Sam she is 4 or 5 year old she never smile still suck on her thumb.

  17. says

    It’s dumb to compare these two children in walking vs. carried and thumb-sucker vs. not. Novel concept: different children have different temperaments. Suri has plenty of things about her that in my opinion would make her far more difficult to parent than Lola. I’ve just grown weary of people always ragging on the Richards/Sheen girls.

  18. oriana says

    She is cute and really getting tall, so glad to see her without her thumb stuck in her mouth like a lot of celeb kids do.

  19. sue says

    Wow. Only a complete loser picks on kids and says things like they are going to be sl*ts when they grow up. Pathetic losers.

  20. morvicaud says

    I have never seen Denise Richards daughters look happy! They are going to be som piece of work when they grow up with such an attitude that early!

    Suri has a lot of bruises on her legs! Only a happy and normal playing child has so many bruises! I think that little girl will grow an adorable young woman. She has a terrific mum!

  21. babyrazzi junkie says

    i sucked my thumb until i was 11 and never had to have braces so it doesn’t always ruin your teeth. it’s harder than it looks to stop kids from sucking thier thumbs!

  22. RubyJackson says

    Yeah, time to wean her from the thumb.

    I just feel so sorry for Suri. She’ll never have a normal life.

  23. Lylas17 says

    Why are Denise Richards’ girls always sucking on their thumbs? How old are they now?
    I wonder if Denise realizes the teeth problems her daughters will encounter when they’re older… but I guess their mom will be able to afford braces… or even veneers! lol


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