Tori Spelling Worried About Raising A Daughter

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and their kids attend a Cookie Mag

Her relationship with mom Candy has been rocky at times – and Tori Spelling says that dynamic concerned her when it came to raising her own daughter, Stella.

“My biggest fear in life was having a girl,” Spelling, 35, tells Cookie Magazine for its June issue, which she celebrated Wednesday during a bash at the Kitson in Los Angeles with her family. “How was I going to handle a girl?”

But, now she knows she didn’t have to worry.

“It turns out that Stella is a total mama’s girl,” she says of her 11-month-old. “For all my fears, without my even trying, Stella wants her mama. When she is in [husband] Dean’s arms, she lunges for me the way Liam did for him.”

Another challenge after becoming a mom for the second time, Spelling says, was how to deal with the public attention over her post-pregnancy body.

“After I’d given birth to Stella, some woman at the market grabbed my belly and asked when I was due,” she says. “When she had the flab in her hand, she realized her mistake. And the first time I went out after I had Liam, the paparazzi were around and I remember trying to hold my stomach in, even though my muscles were shot to hell.”

But it was not just the press who was interested in her body. “During both pregnancies, people touched my belly a lot,” Spelling says. “I would never do that to a pregnant woman – it’s a personal thing. And if I did, I’d say, ‘Your belly is so cute, can I touch it?’ ”

But the actress says she came to accept (and appreciate) the attention, actually. “At a certain point, ” she says, “I just decided that Stella was getting a lot of love in there.”

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  1. Renee says

    I have a 17 year old daughter and I will say it is very possible to always stay close without going through all of the typical teenager stuff when puberty sets in and after. We are as close today as the day she was born, so it is possible. Keep the lines of communication open and be open minded. Remember what it was like to be a teen. I wish Tori and her daughter a great relationship always, it is possible.

  2. morvicaud says

    I like Tori. She grew up in a fake world and has to work hard just to be normal. I think she does great!

  3. me says

    Her daughter is going to end up hating her when she’s a teenager. They are going to go through a family feud just like Tori and her mother.

  4. Aimee says

    Also one more thing….I have two boys too. Lucky you, boys are easier than girls are. I thank God he only gave me one girl…a lot easier on my stress levels! Haha…ya’ll know what I mean.

  5. Aimee says

    True with a lot of the responses…I have a daughter that is almost 12. So she is almost a teenager. I had a relationship with my daughter just like Tori has with Stella, but now that my daughter is older…well, put it nicely, she is a ticking time bomb. Emotions when puberty sets in, makes quite the interesting situation. Yes Tori, you have no idea what your in for. Even if you have a great child like mine, you will have many bumps along the way that will push every button you have and more. A young child is so easy to take care of. You will have a trying time when she enters her tween years, no matter how you raised her, it is just a part of life and a part of parenting that will happen, no matter what. You just have to deal with the curve balls and take it all in stride. Be a good yet stern parent and all will be okay…Trust Me!

  6. kat says

    Did she think girls usually go to daddy? I never did. In fact me and my dad have always clashed. I am still so close to my mum now I’m 18. My brother went to mum as well, not sure about my sister.

  7. Wow! says

    Yes Tori, I really don’t wish you bad, you are a great mom for sure. But just wait til puberty and all that teenager stuff… It’s always easy to handle babies 🙂

  8. oriana says

    The little girl looks identical to Dean, love Tori’s dress, she does need to gain some weight. Liam is one of the celebs that definitely doesn’t have movie star looks about him. Looks like Tori, maybe he when gets older he will look like Randy, now he is very good looking to me.

  9. babyrazzi junkie says

    just because her daughter is a mommy’s girl right now doesn’t mean it’ll be all smooth sailing from here. girls have their rocky times with their moms during their pre-teen and teen age years. i’m speaking as a woman with three sisters and two girls of my own (although my girls are not that old yet).

  10. Ronnie the ska_nk says

    Tori is cool. it’s too bad someone criticized her about her weight. Now she looks sooooooo skinny.

    Who cares if she was scared about having a girl. I didn’t want girls because they’re too pissy!

  11. Ronnie says

    Not this b.s. again;
    we had enough of that from Salma Hayek
    Does Tori HAVE to keep up with the Joneses so desparetly??
    When she got pregnant with stella[before she knew it was a girl] she was going on about how desperately she wanted a girl.

    get a grip and make your mind up Tori :@

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