The Batemans In Brooklyn

Jason Bateman takes daughter Francesca and wife Amanda to a Broo

Jason Bateman was snapped taking daughter Francesca Nora Bateman and wife Amanda Anka to a Brooklyn park during a break in filming ‘The Baster’. What a face on Francesca!

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  1. Anne says

    Good thing she doesn’t look like her homely mother with the pointed noise. Paul Anka is short and not attractive but his wife was beautiful (divorced now) but the girls took after Paul….. Frannie is fortunate to look like daddy’s side of the famiy.

  2. Mpule says

    Hey, I bet she’s a prettiest baby in USA or should I say the in the whole world? I’ve never seen a pretty child such as this one I swear!

  3. Jaxon says

    Wow! Watch out Shiloh and Suri–this adorable little moppet can give you both a run for your money. What a cutiepie.

  4. says

    what a little cutie pie she is the spitting image of her father does anybody know if they call her frankie because my friends 1 year old daughter is named Francesca and she calls her daughter frankie just wanted to know

  5. Ronnie says

    Future heartbreaker!!!
    this girl is adorable; but i cant find pictures of the mother and daddy isnt that attractive!

  6. ladlam says

    Wow- the kid looks just like him! She looks like Jason’s sister too (Justine- who played Mallory on Family Ties)

  7. Jules says

    I agree with Ellie, she looks just like her Dad and her Aunt Justine. So sweet and happy looking, too.

  8. ? says

    What an adorable little girl! She looks just like her daddy – she even looks like Jason’s sister Justine!

  9. Ellie says

    That child has GOT to be the most beautiful celebutot to date. She looks exactly like her daddy and her aunt Justine. Stunning!

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