Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Expecting A Boy?


Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are already the proud parents of an adorable 16-month-old daughter, Harlow, and now, they’re getting ready for the arrival of a bouncing baby boy in August, a friend tells In Touch. “Joel bought water-based paint for the nursery and — surprise, surprise — it’s blue,” reveals another pal of the couple, who adds that Nicole refers to the baby as “he.” “Plus, she recently ordered some plush animals and infant toys from FAO Schwarz, and everything just happens to be blue.”

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  1. Niko says

    To #2: Who cares if the baby will look black or white? Nicole Richie is no more than 1/4 Black so chances are he’ll look like Harlow complexionwise.

  2. Romeo Blue says

    #19 Ladyone – how many black people do you know that have thin noses? That’s one of their characteristics.

  3. Maybe says

    I got this from the internet:

    She is of Black Creole, Mexican, and White descent. However, she normally identifies herself as African American(when she was interviewed on the Tyra Banks Show)

    She definitely looks part black and so does Harlow. They both have wide noses and kinky hair. She even considers herself black. So “captain” she’s only 1/3 white. With black and mexican heritage, her next child could come out dark or looking black.

  4. kat says

    captain, it isn’t just her skin tone, you can just kinda tell there is black in there somewhere, you know?

    And like you say she is 20% black so I guess I was right anyway =)

  5. captain says

    umm Kat.. im that colour and im not black… i belive i am 50% scottlish && the rest northern eurpean…you can`t tell by someones “colour” alone… && yes..i checked and she is like 20% black.

  6. Kaylee says

    I hope this is true! Harlow is adorable and a little boy would just be icing on the cake! Another one of my favorite celebrity families. Nicole looks gorgeous, as usual!

  7. bec says

    didnt she wait for a delivery surprise with Harlow? I would think she is probably doing the same with this pregnancy. In Touch is rarely factual.

  8. says

    Why does every post always have to deal with race.
    Congratulate the couple on their new baby and leave it
    at that. I get annoyed that these comments always come
    from people who have no knowledge of basic
    biology or genetics. Some people never end up
    looking like thier parents, but take on characteristics
    of relatives from a generation ago.

  9. Keira says

    Aww thats so awesome i am having a baby boy in August too! Yay for both of us. She looks amazing.

  10. Kelsey says

    She is a combination of Black Creole, Mexican, and White. And regardless of her background, she and Joel make adorable children!

  11. kat says

    Of course there is black in her! That’s easy to tell from her skin tone. Probably a quarter black?

  12. captain says

    correct me if im wrong but why would the baby be black as far as i know Joel is white & so is Nicole … Nicole was adopted by lionel richie.. im pretty sure there is no black in her.

  13. Joloda says

    @ #2, What does it matter? They are in no more control of that than when the sun rises in the morning.


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