Matthew Broderick & James Wilkie Out And About

Matthew Broderick & Son

Matthew Broderick and son James Wilkie, 6, were snapped out and about on a scooter in New York City yesterday.

Broderick and wife Sarah Jessica Parker recently announced they are expecting twin girls.

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  1. Anne says

    Why have more babies when this marriage obviously is heading downhill? If they look like SJP-poor babies.

  2. Janie says

    That kid looks like a slob.

    His shirt is filthy rotten dirty!

    He looks homeless!

    JSP should be ashamed of herself!

  3. ladlam says

    #6 & #7: totally agree! What is with these Hollywood/NYC star moms that refuse to cut their boys’ hair- it looks HORRIBLE! Cindy Crawford’s son, Celine Dions’ son, Kate Hudson’s son, SJK’s son! GROSS.

    They have MILLIONS of dollars and refuse to buy their kids clean, new, clothes and get them haircuts. AWFUL and UGLY

  4. denise says

    while i really like that family, i am very annoyed by the fact that this kid always looks disheveled.

    i don´t like celeb kids, or any kids for that matter, to be over styled, like suri is.
    but, a kid can look decent and still look like a regular kid.

    the hair needs to be cut and brushed, and he needs decent clothes.

  5. morvicaud says

    I don’t get that guy either. He used to be handsom but he’s not aging very well. I find her cheap too, but she’s sweet. I don’t know …

  6. Janie says

    It’s a known fact that Matthew was having an affair!

    Having these babies must be a last ditch effort to save their marriage.

    That little boy looks like a homeless person. Buy him some clothes that fit and cut that hair!!

  7. Cocoa says

    I really don’t get not cutting little boys hair. Frankly, I would be embarrassed walking around with my little boy who looked like a little girl.

  8. Dnice says

    They are not adopting they are having twins via a surrogate. I know its none of my business, but I am wondering what’s behind that. Then again, Sarah is no spring chicken, maybe she had trouble conceiving a second time.

  9. me says

    Ewwwww. His sideburns make him look dirty. His kid needs clothes that fit. Are they going to dress their girls in clothes that are 2 sizes too small too? I don’t think Matthew was the one who made the decision to adopt twin girls. He looks depressed.

  10. RubyJackson says

    I’m not one to snark, but Matthew looks miserable and that poor kid… well, I’ll leave it at that.


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