Maya Rudolph Expecting Second Child

Maya Rudolph and Partner Paul Thomas Anderson

In the upcoming summer film, Away We Go, Maya Rudolph’s character is pregnant. Well, off-screen, the actress is pregnant too!

The Saturday Night Live star, 36, is expecting her second child with her partner, director Paul Thomas Anderson, she reveals in an interview slated to air Monday on ET Canada.

“I wasn’t planning on sharing it, but yes I am pregnant!” she tells the show. In a nod to the irony of playing pregnant, followed by actually being pregnant, she says, “I know it’s really weird timing.”

Already mom to daughter Pearl, 3, Rudolph says her current pregnancy is “totally different” than her first one. “The first time you are like wide-eyed: ‘What are we doing?, Who’s coming?, How do we take care of them?’ But this time, I’m like I have to sit down, I’m pregnant.’ ”

She adds, “When you have a three-and-a-half-year-old, you don’t have time to rest and nap and do all the those sweet pampering type things you did for yourself the first time. You are like, ‘I got to get to bed!'”

As for adding to her family, Rudolph says she’s psyched. “I feel like everyone who has had more then one [child], says you should do it. It’s nice to have this experience.”


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  1. SuziPII says


    Once again you are being negative about someone you know nothing about! Stop judging the way this woman looks… you act as if she has done something to you! By the way, I bet her husband thinks she is beautiful!

  2. Gbaby says

    the saturday night live cast has a habit of doing that all the time, they play pregnant roles when they are pregnant…like amy poehler, she played in “babymama” when she was expecting.


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