Heidi Klum's Crafty Mother's Day

When asked how she would spend Mother’s Day this year, Heidi Klum had this to say:

“I’m going to be home with the children. Usually they make something for me, and I have to cry because they’re the cutest. I’m a tough woman, but when it comes to my kids, forget about it; I’m always in tears. Last year they made little pots, and they painted them and glued things on them. But that’s how we are; we’re a very arts-and-craftsy family. We include the kids in all the holidays and when Papa comes back from a concert we make signs that say welcome home. He’s always coming and going, and the kids understand it and know that when he comes back it will be something special.”

Papa Seal recently announced that Klum is expecting a second daughter.

Splash News Online & Source


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