Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Out With Their Daughters


Ben Affleck, 36, and Jennifer Garner, 37, were snapped out for coffee in Boston, MA with daughters Violet, 3, and Seraphina, 4-months-old, on Friday.

Such an adorable family!

Splash News Online


  1. Norwhat says

    Really lovely!

    (Someone please tell them that using a front carrying position in a baby carrier (specially a bcarrier of THAT sort) is terrible for the newborn’s spine)

  2. Jessica says

    beantown girl, guys like Ben often wear long pants year round. My father does, no biggie. And Jen might not have had the time to shave. But they are both wearing short sleeves.

  3. Jello says

    Okay…I LOVE how Jennifer never cares what she wears and is a plain Jane in real life. She is not caught up in the whole celebrity look and it is truly REFRESHING!

    She is the kind of woman other women would love to have as a friend. Sweet, kind, and REAL. Love her!!

  4. beantown girl says

    i think its funny that jen and ben are both in pants while vi and sera are in shorts and short sleeve. it was so warm here in boston yesterday that ben and jen should have dressed more like their lovely daughters

  5. morvicaud says

    OK! Where is the Mary who said “At least Ben & Jennifer have enough common sense to keep their newborn hidden from the paparazzi.” I would be curious to see what she has to say now 😀

  6. Gbaby says

    gorgeous baby….hope her hair stays brown…was violet a brunette when she was a baby? i cannot remember


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