Jennifer Garner Voted Favorite Celebrity Mom!


Out of all the celebrity moms adopting babies from poor countries and time with them on tour, down-to-earth Jennifer Garner was voted Best Celebrity Mom in a poll of’s readers in honor of Mother’s Day.

Jen, mom to Violet and Serafina, came in with 37 percent of the vote, beating out Reese Witherspoon tied for second with 26 percent, Michelle Obama also with 26 percent, and Angelina Jolie with a paltry four percent.

If any of those celebs ever need babysitters, they should heed the results of who readers would feel most comfortable leaving their kids with: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia di Rossi came in on top with 31 percent of the vote, Jennifer Aniston grabbed 22 percent, Rachael Ray is trustworthy enough at 20 percent, Angelina and Brad Pitt took 18 percent of the vote, and Oprah Winfrey came in last with nine percent.

Other celebs didn’t fare so well, as the poll also took account of the Worst Celebrity Moms. Courtney Love and Dina Lohan tied to take that honor with 32 percent of the vote each, followed by Britney Spears at 27 percent, Sarah Palin at six percent, and Kate Moss at three perecent.

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  1. says

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  2. ELIE TAYLOR says

    What would happen if they said that about Brad Pitt ..instead of
    Angie he seems to take the kiddies to great places like Niagra
    Falls and etc.. Angie only takes them to art store..BORING AS

    KINNY – Did you notice that celebrity baby blog used an old
    photo… Jen does not have any at the school anymore Vi is
    in Boston right now.. until Sept.. And Jen will probably have
    to do re shoots for her Lying movie with Gervis too in Boston..
    So you won’t be seeing her much anymore. O.K

  3. I love says

    I love of Angie J only received 4 percent for “Best Mom” yet 18 percent would leave their kids with her?!?!?


  4. Analise says

    Jennifer Aniston? Michelle Obama? Laughable.

    I suppose I can see Jennifer Garner compared to other celeb moms, but not really.

  5. kinny says

    gimme a break. I’m so tired of this family for a while. They are cute and devoted and all, but give them a rest for a good year or so.

  6. Tina Frey says

    I cannot think of a more worthy candidate. It seems that every celebrity mom is seen taking care of their children. Taking them to the parks, out shopping, pushing them in a stroller, you know all the regular mommy things that a new mother is proud to do with their young. And yet one never sees the singer JLO out and about with her children. She appears to be ashamed of her twins and never displays the normal characteristics of a mother. Her twins are not responsible for the way they look, I feel so sorry for little Max and Emme.

  7. Jem says

    Well deserved, she seems like a really great hands on mother! her and Ben have done a really good job raising Violet, and hopefully Seraphina turns out to be just as sweet!

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