Brooke Burke's Personal Baby Photos!


The gorgeous Brooke, 37, has three daughters and one son. “Rain loves when I give her piggy-back rides,” she said of her 2-year-old.


She has learned better than to strive to be the perfect mom. “We are all learning along the way,” she said with Rain, 2. “I take parenting moment by moment and make the best of each day. Whatever I am going through, there is another mother out there going through the same thing.”


“The witching hours before school are my least favorite part of the day,” Brooke, with one-year-old Shaya, admitted. “It’s always action-packed getting my older girls ready, well-fed and out the door in time for school. Meanwhile, my youngest two have their own set of needs in the morning.” She counts on help from her husband, actor David Charvet.


Her biggest mommy “oops!” moment was when she forgot to take care of herself! “Not packing an extra shirt for Mom in my baby bag and having to wear the airline pajamas off the plane… after [oldest daughter, now 9] Neriah threw up all over me!” Brooke (here, with Shaya) said.


Brooke loves to celebrate her family’s milestones. “Birthdays are very special and intimate in our house, usually spent at home with a homemade cake and candles,” she said. “With Shaya being the youngest, his first birthday was no exception!”


Brooke and her family live in California, and they love the outdoors. “Our favorite days are spent in the garden,” she said. “We bring out all the toys and lay down blankets where we play for hours. Shaya is learning to walk on the comfort of our lawn, and Rain (pictured) is constantly trying to keep up with her older sisters.”

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  1. says

    I find it appauling that Brooke lets her kids run around naked! Does she want them to become prostitutes? There are a lot of cute clothes for little kids maybe Brooke should check out. I can see naked babies, but toddlers should definitely have some clothes on. They are far too old to be running around like that. Great for the cover of racy men’s magazines, but no so great for the family album! These poor kids are going to die of embarrassment when they see these pictures as they get older!

  2. says



  3. ladlam says

    Why are my comments erased?

    David is the baby daddy of 2 of her 4 kids. They are not married. She claims they are engaged but they’ve been “engaged” for years. Baby Daddy won’t marry her because as soon as he tires of this, he’ll just move on.

  4. Anne says

    I don’t have a problem with children that young being naked but keep the photos private and not for the public to view.

  5. me says

    These kids are u gly, with stupid hippie names. Brooke should be ashamed showing her kids naked, especially her daughter’s little baby breasts.

  6. traveler says

    I think the pictures are beautiful. There is nothing wrong with nudity, especially for little kids. I have a niece that just loved to run around naked. She’s 7 now and still likes to run around the house in her underwear. No big deal.

    As for perverts on the internet, of course they’re here. And they’d drool over children clothed or naked. You can’t stop that. I refuse to live my life in fear of them. Good on Brooke for not doing so either.

  7. I love says

    Yeah, nothing wrong with letting the run aroud HOWEVER, taking pics is just borderline pedaphillia to me. These pics are completely inappropriate and exposing to the little girl. SHAME SHAME!

  8. ladlam says

    Sorry- but David Charvet is not her husband. He is the baby daddy of 2 of their 4 kids.
    I wouldn’t release photos of my daughter naked anywhere. There are too many perverts out there.

  9. says

    brooke isnt my favorite but hers kids are so adorable,
    pictures are really good,even i think its not a problem to let your child play shirtless but not all the time

  10. Analise says

    Beautiful pics. I didn’t read all the comments, but the gist of many is there. Get a grip. I saw someone opposed to a two year old in a bathing suit I think. What? They shouldn’t wear anything? Or be left behind while the rest of the family goes on vacation? OMG…how awful. A bathing suit. FFS.

    Nothing wrong with these pics or that she posted them.

  11. R U Serious says

    The kids are beautiful! And I see nothing wrong with the pictures….they are just toddlers for crying out loud!

  12. mary ellen says

    omg, all these freaks so worried about brooke’s kids on the internet….relax, they’re not YOUR kids, she’s free to do whatever she wants…and as far as them being “tainted” by nature….c’mon, get a grip on reality, all kids this age run around naked in their own friggin backyards, it’s their biz. So she chose to put them on the baby blog, it’s her choice and she’ll suffer the consequences – if any -. God brought us into this world naked, and it’s great that kids can still enjoy that freedom. Like some others said….it’s not like they’re 16.

  13. T says

    I have 2 babies also and I have taken the typical, cute naked baby pics too, but I would never, ever post them on the interent. That seems so crazy to me! I am way to over-protective. When it comes to my kids, I would rather air on the side of caution. It just seems weird that these are the photos she would choose to share. I get that she has this whole hippy vibe going on, which I reallly like most of the time, but I think this was bad judgement for sure.

  14. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Goodness! I didn’t realize these pictures would cause such a controversy! I think that if Brooke and David choose to share intimate family photographs with the world, that is their choice. That being said, we should stop criticizing their decision and enjoy these beautiful photos of gorgeous children!!

  15. Arianna's Mummy says

    In my country it is perfectly legal for a woman or a man to walk around topless anywhere in public so what is the big deal about kids running around naked? Unsanitary? really that is the funniest reason I have heard, there is nothing wrong with being in nature, and yes I would sit on the ground naked, what is the big deal? When I first saw these pictures, I thought what nice natural free spirted pics, not how horrible it was that they were naked! Seriously no wonder so many people grow up ashamed of their bodies!

  16. Granny says

    Anyone who would get off on these children because they are nude would probably feel the same if they were fully dressed.

    That makes as much sense as making women wear the burqa because a man might have lust. IT’s the man’s problem not the woman’s.

    Those children are just fine in the own backyard with mom. And unless there is a snake in the grass probably very safe

  17. Wow says

    No there is nothing wrong with naked kids in their backyard, but there is something wrong with them naked on the internet. For goodness sake, right or wrong society says we don’t be naked in public. That should go the same for kids. There is a time a place and this is not it…!

    Sue, you sound like the one who is freakin insane! You may have good points but you really need to tone the hostility down.

  18. kinny says

    These photos are so alive and freeing with a sence of pure happiness to them. I love the darling naked kids. So cute.

    Not to mention, how the heck does Brooke stay so thin?

  19. Tia :) says

    This site is for everyone. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few Canadians on this site- me being one of them!!

    I see nothing wrong with the pictures, however, where are her older children?

  20. Zuuu says

    Oh,so this site is only for Americans? Sorry I didn’t know 🙁
    I’m also from Europe and the kids run around naked at their backyard (or at the beach,but of course only the 1 and 2 years old) and that’s no big deal 😉
    I think the pics are fine.Peace!

  21. Maybe says

    Sue – would you sit naked in the grass? Probably not but it’s okay for a 2 year old? Geez.

    KF uk – if you think americans are bonkers, go on your own website from wherever the hell it is you’re from in the UK and make comments over there.

    Mic – Sweden? LOL – it figures you’d make comments like that. Again, if you don’t agree with what americans do or don’t do, go on your own website and stop making stupid comments on this one.

    As far as your comment about it’s ok to be naked – there’s a right time and place for everything.

  22. mic says

    For everyone that says a 2 year old should not be allowed to run around naked, grow up! There is nothing wrong with it. Yeah, obviously u are not going to go to the freaking grocery store with a naked child, but letting your child run around naked in the privacy of your home or yard is completely normal. I am from Sweden, and I remember running around naked every day in the summer. Nothing wrong with it. So many peple in the US are too damn prude!!!! I walk around naked in front of my daughter who is 3 and if she does not want to wear any clothes at home, that is fine too. And like someone said, if a pervert is gonna look at ur kids, they will look at them wether they have clothes on or not. U can’t put your child in a bubble. This is why kids grow up with a distorted view of sexuality and their bodies, because some dimwit parents tell them its not ok to be naked!!!! Some people…aarghh!!

  23. nosoupforyou says

    Unsanitary? I feel sorry for your children.

    These kids are in their backyard! What about camping?
    My children have been out in nature since they were infants.

    Do you plan to keep your children in a gated room where the floors have been cleaned with bleach?

    As for the wife of an attorney, I am a social worker. I work closely with CPS. I have direct experience for 20 years not just as “the wife of.”

    There are people that get off on children in snow suits.
    These pictures are of babies and are tastefully done.

  24. jordyn says

    I dont think Brooke would give a flying hoot what any of you guys think of her personal pictures!

  25. Sarita says

    Cute photos and they are not too old to run around naked. Nothing wrong with these photos being on the internet either.
    Pervs will look at anything, also at clothed children. Don’t let them influence your life.

    Totally agree with sue.

  26. LaLa says

    annie – you didn’t notice that the kids are naked? What are you, blind? It’s so obvious. To “L” – you think a 2 year old is not old enough for naked pictures? You must live a very sheltered life.

  27. annie says

    Just for the record: I’m not Annie with a capital A.
    Sorry, I would have given myself a different name, if I had seen someone had the same name!

  28. annie says

    A voice of common sense. Thank you.

    I didn’t even NOTICE the kids in these adorable pictures are naked unless I read the comments!!!!

    Two year old kids in bathing suits at the beach: in my opinion THAT is sick.

    Some Americans are really out of this world. A gun in almost every house and tiny kids aren’t allowed to run around naked.
    You are really building your own prison, if you always fear the worst!!!

  29. Annie says

    I didnt even notice the little girl was not wearing a top! who cares shes two! some of you people need to relax and get a grip!

  30. denise says

    the children are adorable, and shaya looks just like his dad.
    she is a beautiful woman and looks like she is really enjoying motherhood.

    ido think that she should not have posted the naked pictures publicly.
    i think it´s ok for two little kids to be naked in their own yard. my girls were always running around naked in our backyard, and there are quite a few naked pictures of them, but i would not post them on the internet.

  31. sue says

    Some people are freakin insane! Yes, all that dirt and all those bugs and all those “things outside” are going to tear through their flesh and kill them! You are the exact reasons why so many kids are so screwed up! Hand sanitizer? Check? Don’t touch anything? Check! Don’t sit on the ground? Check! DISEASE! GERMS! OH! MY! Give me a freakin break. There is nothing wrong with germs and bugs and sitting your arse down on the grass! They will not melt! Your immune system NEEDS these things! It is how it grows stronger after childhood! So many kids live in sanitized bubbles that is why we have super bugs and sky high asthma rates!! And there is NOTHING wrong with posting yours kids naked photos! And these are tastefully done! if they were 16, then fine! we don’t let kids do anything nowadays and we have soooooooo many excuses! Child molesters! Stalkers! The world is SOOOO much more dangerous! Give me a break. There were just as many creeps in the 50’s as now. A creep is going to find a picture of a kid attractive or a kid at the mall attractive or a kid on the tv attractive–kids cannot live inside hiding just because these creeps exist! And you cannot spend your days hiding your kids because these creeps have these thoughts! It is not your fault. It is not your kids fault! So I should not let my child wear a bathing suit because their might be a creep at the beach?? Yes, that makes sense.

  32. Anonymous says

    Okay, I can’t help it. I said I was not going to comment anymore. Yes, the photos are adorable and not at all sexual, BUT they should not have been posted on the Internet. That’s all.

  33. Cocoa says

    Um, I believe I was the only one who said anything negative about their looks. I just meant that I thought they would be cuter, I still think they are cute. But so what if I didn’t? Not only is it an open forum, but it’s an open forum of photos; therefore looks will be commented on. Plus, it’s not like she or the kids are ever going to see this or I wouldn’t say it, that is what tact is.

  34. carleigh says

    These pictures show a beautiful woman who clearly finds pure joy in motherhood. She shines with love and happiness, that is what sticks out to me the most in these pictures.

    For people to say the pictures are inappropriate, I can see why you would feel that way. I would think twice if I were a celebrity about revealing such intimate photo’s to the whole world. But, the pictures as a whole (apart from the issue of them being made public—put that aside completely for a moment) the pic’s are gorgeous and her kids are just adorable.

    For people to make such nasty comments about the way children look….think about how you would feel if someone said that about you. I know it’s an open forum but d*mn people show a little tact and practice what your mother taught you..if you can’t say anything nice, sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut.

    Kids are all special in their own way and innocence is a truly beautiful thing. Kids grow up so soon and too quickly in my opinion so it’s best to revel in their innocence and love the short time they are so unaware and find joy in the little things.

  35. Anonymous says

    Some of you all just don’t get it. There are so many digustingly sick predators out there who enjoy pictures of YES naked 1 and 2 year olds and YOUNGER. My husband does not even want me to post clothed pictures of our grandchildren on the Internet, and oh by the way, he is an attorney, oh and by the way, he handles child pornography cases, which I really did not want to state and did not in my above posting. He has SEEN these creeps in the courtroom. He also deals with the people who have to view evidence. The examiners are repulsed by what they have to look at. I will say it again, the above pictures should be removed. Enough said.

  36. Marley says

    are you effing kidding? these pictures are tastefully done && adorable….there is nothing innappropriate about them….her kids are nothing less than stunning by the way…

  37. L says

    Are you people serious? They are 1 and 2. Two years old is not too old for naked pictures, and these are not distasteful at all. And to the comment about the child being unattended- come ON! There could easily be other adults that we can’t see outside watching him, and if not, the kid is just across the yard from Brooke. Not a big deal at all. Also, I don’t think walking around naked in a yard is unsanitary as someone said. Unless your kid lives in a bubble, he or she is going to be exposed to germs and dirt no matter what. I will say I am mildly weirded out that her two-year-old daughter has what appears to be fully developed permanent teeth, but besides that, both children are very cute.

  38. Anonymous says

    Those photos should NEVER have been posted. Yes, I realize she posted them innnocently, BUT there are major sicko perverts on the Internet that love looking at naked/half-dressed children. I hope she has read these comments and has the photos REMOVED. What was she thinking? I guess she wasn’t.

  39. KMS says

    Adorable kids and I really like that she shared these pics. Kids like to be naked and I’m sure these kids are in the privacy of their yard. I can’t imagine her house isn’t secluded.

  40. Maybe says

    I find this very tacky and unsanitary. They’re running around naked in a yard where there is grass, dirt, bugs etc. Imagine sitting on the dirt naked? In one of the pictures, her son is left unattended. Very poor taste and terrible parenting.

  41. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Do you realize that the children are one and two years old? It’s not like they are taking naked pictures at, say, 16! These pictures are cute and Brooke looks like she finds real joy in motherhood.

  42. nosoupforyou says

    There are some really twisted people who think these pictures are “disgusting” or that a two year old is “too old.”

    These children are not only cute but they are young. Their looks will change along the way.

    Shaya looks just like his dad, IMO.

  43. Cocoa says

    I don’t think the naked shots are appropriate to share with the world. I know this isn’t going to be nice to say but I thought she would have cuter kids than that…not that they aren’t cute, but she is so beautiful!

  44. Fourleafclover says

    I think the naked photos are not only tasteful (for goodness sake, you can’t see anything) but beautiful and natural. What lovely family photos! I’d love to have ones like that of my little naked cherubs.

  45. Adele (UK) says

    I didn’t really like Brooke when I first started reading about her but she has grown on me.

    Her children are adorable & so what if she lets them run around with no clothes on, loads of toddlers strip off when the weather is hot, I know I have a job keeping clothes on my 21 month old daughter when it’s a warm day!!

    Brooke is a beautiful woman & I think she looks so much better without make up on.

  46. says

    There is nothing wrong with taking photos of kids with no shirts on. These were obviously personal photos and you have to admit that they are beautiful pictures.

  47. Naomi - UK says

    There’s nothing wrong with letting the youngest children run around in the garden with no clothes on, they’re only little and its not as though you can see anything dodgy so why not! if the weathers nice why restrict them with clothes?

  48. jbo says

    The pictures where the little girl is naked are just plain tacky. She is too old to be taking naked pictures. Disgusting. Naked pictures are only cute when they are babies then it almost seems perverted at this age.

  49. jbo says

    WTF why are the children shirtless then naked. Kinda weird. The little girl is too old to be naked in a picture.

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