Camila Alves & Levi


Camila Alves was snapped with her 9- month-old son, Levi McConaughey, leaving the Brentwood Country Mart on Monday.

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  1. TRB says

    It´s the same with the Jolie-Pitts, people are always saying that Shiloh is gorgeous, as well as the twins, but what about the other children?? In my opinion, Zahara is a lovely little girl and Pax and Maddox are so cute! But the fact that they are not caucasian seem to be an issue for some people. And how can people be so hard when it comes to little kids?

  2. StrenghtthruU says

    Also the baby’s mother is not hispanic she is Brazilian and most likely of African and European descent. You people act like black and white can’t mix, especially with that ignorant 1st comment. News Flash race mixing has been going on for centuries, it is in the Bible. I think this site is anti-black celebs.

  3. StrenghtthruU says

    Y’all are so racist. The first commentor basically said that she was dissapointed that the baby looks ethnic. Well guess what sweetie, deal with it because brown people will be the majority in a few years. Matt’s baby is beautiful and brown like his mother.

  4. sue says

    Amanda, I am not “over analyzing” what you said. I was pointing out the clear discrepancy in what you said. It was very, very blatant and needed no analyzing. And it has nothing to do with if you said they were going to make it or not. Instead it has to be with you not logically lining up your train of thought and one idea not corresponding with the next. Pretty apparent after reading your post just once.

  5. grace says

    His mother is not a Hispanic. His mother is a Pardo, or mulatto from Brazil. She is a mixed race person like the majority of the brazilians.

  6. Amanda says

    LMAO Sue do you always overanalyze everything people say? I never said one way or another if they would make it or not I just said I hoped they did.

  7. sue says

    If she, “Never seems happy unless she is in pics with Matt” then WHY would you think that they would NOT make it?? Wouldn’t the opposite be assumed? If say she was always happy in pics w/out him and unhappy in pics with him, then what you said would sound more accurate. And on a different note, I am sure that it is not fun to be carrying your baby and crazy people are taking your picture and walking backwards in front of you.

  8. Amanda says

    I think Camila seems very unhappy. (At least in these pics) She never seems happy unless she is in pics with Matt. I hope they make it as a couple. Levi looks like his dad, dark or not. He is going to be a heartbreaker.

  9. says

    Levi is such a handsome little fella..I think people are far too hard on him, not to mention his mother. Dark features tend to be more dominant, but babies can still look like the fair-featured parent even if they have darker features. Coloring of hair, skin, and eyes isn’t everything when determining who a baby looks like. For example, I think Johan looks a great deal like Heidi, while any nincompoop can point out that he’s darker in coloring than her.

  10. Cocoa says

    Call me crazy but I see Matthew in his face. I have a friend who is white and her husband is black, very dark like Seal. They have two children and one looks black and the other one looks white. I know for sure that she did not fool around on him, she would never do that and if she did she would tell me. Genetics can be funny, I am sure Matthew is Levi’s father. Levi has gotten to be quite adorable! What a sweetie!

  11. kata85 says

    The baby doesn’t look like his father because…..guess what??He looks like his mother!!
    How peculiar! O_o

  12. Kassem says

    Levi is a mixed race baby because his mom is mixed race though he is probably 75% white. His mother is from Brazil and the largest group of folks from that country are mixed with African and European stock. Levi looks cute and is exactly how God and nature made him. He doesn’t look like Matt but he does look like his mom. I have family in Brazil and know how the people look.

  13. denise says

    aww he is adorable. i agree, that he looks nothing like matthew. that doesn´t mean matthew is not the dad though, he just comes more after his mothers side of the family.

  14. getoverit says

    He’s such a better looking child because of his “ethic looks”….don’t you think so Jenny, I sure do! What kind of mother is she Sawyer, pls share all the lewd details or is it just you making up stories!

  15. Jenny says

    Man, that baby looks nothing like blond, fair-skinned Matthew! This kid does not look half white in the least. Matt should get a DNA test. I was so disappointed to see that this child is so unlike Matt, so ethnic looking.

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