An Expectant Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Arrive At Miami Airport With Harlow


An expectant Nicole Richie, 27, and Joel Madden, 30, were snapped at Miami airport with their baby daughter Harlow, 1, on Monday.

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  1. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Harlow is simply gorgeous. However, I feel so bad that the paparazzi scared her like that! I can only imagine how terrifying it must be to be followed by a bunch of men trying to get the best shot! As for “Shannon”, incase you don’t know, Nicole has a successful jewelry line and Joel is in a very popular band, both stationed in L.A. Also, Nicole has written a book and been on a T.V. Show. I think that makes them famous. And famous people are followed by the paparazzi…Nicole definitely did not call them.

  2. Wow says

    Plus, what’s wrong with loving the LA life? It looks like a charmed one, nothing wrong with liking that! You are just hateful.

  3. Wow says

    Shannon – It’s not her fault the paps are interested in her and follow her around. From her and her husbands actions it is very clear that she does not call the paps. You are wrong, deal with it!

  4. Shannon says

    Moreover, given that this woman does not have a job, she could move to other states if she is obviously so wary of the paps. She chose not to, because, well, she loves the LA life

  5. Shannon says

    You think she doesnt call the paps? I’m sorry, but this woman will not be relevant in Hollywood if the paps do not follow her. She has no movie, no album, no TV show. How do you think she garners the attention?

  6. carleigh says

    If anyone read Joel on Twitter they would know he was clearly upset about how little Harlow was purely frightened by the pap’s. It’s one thing if a family is on the red carpet or the snaps are done in a non-intrusive way in public, but it’s time to draw the line when it comes to scaring lil ones.

    I love to see celebrity babies just as much as anyone else on here, but think it’s really kind of scary the lengths some pap’s will go to when trying to get the “money” shot.

    That being said, I don’t think Nicole calls the paps at all..that’s more like the speed of say Miley or Lindsay Lohan or Paris…i think Nicole is trying to protect her baby and just wants to be sure Harlow is not scared by the aggressive pap’s.

  7. Cocoa says

    #9 Shannon, you do not know that she called the paps! I hardly think they did, why would Joel be upset?

  8. shannon says

    When you call the paparazzi yourself to stay relevant, you have no place complaining about them. Stupid people

  9. Cocoa says

    Sarah, that is terrible! I thought Harlow looked sad, poor little thing. The paps need to know when to back off!

  10. sarah says

    did you read joel maddens blog he said shame on anyone who posted these pics because the photogs scared the child and bumped into them several times.

    what a bunch of creeps

  11. Cocoa says

    Harlow is sooo cute! I love her too. Sure there is cuter, there is always someone better and someone worse….she’s still really cute!

  12. LaLa says

    This kid is not cute at all. I don’t see what the big deal is about her. There are much more cuter kids on this site.

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