Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says That She Has To Remind Everyone That She Is Pregnant!


(In the above pic an expectant Elisabeth was snapped at an event in February)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 31, has explained that being pregnant with her third baby is a completely different experience than her first pregnancy.

Elisabeth, who is due to give birth to her third child with husband Tim in August, says that being so focused on caring for daughter Grace, 4, and son Taylor Thomas, 1, she’s simply not focused on her pregnancy.

“I’m definitely not paying attention to my pregnancy,” Elisabeth confessed to People magazine at the Lilly Pulitzer launch of A Color Cause Thursday in New York City to benefit children with Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare skin disease. “That won’t be true for the child [when it arrives]. But now, when you have two kids running around you’re not the pregnant person you were before.”

Unlike her first pregnancy, Elisabeth, says people aren’t quick to be at her beck and call now.

“For the first pregnancy, you’re a pregnant goddess and everyone is running around giving you water,” she shared. “But the third time around, you’re just lucky to have a prenatal pill by the end of day!”

Elisabeth does believe that Grace and Taylor Thomas are ready for another sibling and making sure the two have time to bond before the baby comes.

“I’m just letting them really enjoy this time as brother and sister,” says Elisabeth. “Then I’ll throw in the word baby once in awhile to remind them.”

And on another note, Elisabeth just opened up about her gluten-free lifestyle. It is actually pretty interesting…I’ve heard a lot of people mention this over the years, but haven’t paid much attention.

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  1. theresa says

    sue, I just think that people should PLAN their pregnancies (if possible) so that they CAN focus on them at least SOME. why would you WANT to be pregnant and not be able to daydream a little. why would you WANT to be pregnant AND dealing with a one year old? if you do WANT to, then great, but it sounds like she is overwhelmed.

  2. SAHM RULE says

    Another testimony for why SAHM is the way to go with young children. This baby was unplanned and it is unfortunate! She obviously has way too much on her plate! She decided to have keep this third – which BTW, she “tastefully” (insert sarcasm here) announced as being “knocked up” on national television. How much more obvious does this unplanned, unwanted pregnancy have to be.

    Tounge and cheek? She’s not a comedian, she’s a journalist (wannabe) who tells it like it is!

    PS, maybe she’s having twins because at three months along (according to the pic above) she should NOT be that big yet!

  3. sue says

    AHHHH!!! Sorry. It is different, that is what she is saying. Of course she wants to child and of course she is taking care of herself ( a lot of the stuff was said tongue and cheek) but it is different when you are expecting your third child, especially if you have a 1 year old and 4 year old! She cannot just sit around and focus on the baby she is carrying and daydream all day! She has other kids to take care of!! People read too much into what celebs say! When you don’t have any other kids, you can sit there for hours just thinking of what color hair the new baby is going to have. Kinda hard when you have a 1 year old to feed 24/7!

  4. theresa says

    if it’s true that she isn’t focused on her pregnancy, i find that sad for her. perhaps she shouldn’t have decided to have a third child. or maybe she didn’t plan it… but regardless, i hope that she was just “saying” that, because i think it is a very magical time and that her body and her baby really does need her to focus. she needs to prepare herself.

  5. uk sue says

    Sorry to sound ignorant, we have not heard of this lady in the UK, can you tell me who she is?

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