Jennifer Garner On David Letterman!

I thought this was a super cute interview when I saw it the other night! Jennifer, 37, is so cute and youthful-looking!




  1. #1 Fan says

    I’m certainly happy that Ben married this woman instead of JLO. Ben’s babies are beautiful, but JLO’s babies are so gross!

  2. anti says

    I love that she said she wouldn’t call out her daughter on national television. Funny and wise.

    Didn’t have any opinion on Seraphina’s name but now that I know the backstory, I love it!

  3. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    I have always loved Jennifer Garner but seeing her interviews just intensify the feelings! She is just so cute and down to earth. She gives really good interviews, too.

  4. Cocoa says

    Jennifer Garner is the sweetest thing, she is so likable. Funny things kids say “Mamma, I wanna see you cry again”! Too cute.

  5. Bliss says

    She is delightful! I was so impressed at how well she handled herself. Mr. Letterman, on the other hand, should go home and crawl into bed with a hot water bottle and a mustard plaster!


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