Claudia Schiffer & Daughter Leaving London School


Claudia Schiffer, 38, was snapped leaving a London school with her daughter, Clementine, 4, and a friend.

(Clementine is the little girl to Claudia’s left)

Splash News Online


  1. Andréa says

    Clementine is so perfect… Well, how could it be different having a mom like that? Claudia still reigns.

  2. Anni says

    She doesn’t look like Matthew one bit.

    I remember seeing photos of Claudia as a child.
    They look alike.

  3. oriana says

    Wow, the one little girl looks just like her! Very beautiful child! Both girls are very pretty.

  4. Cocoa says

    The article said the girl on Claudia’s left, which would be our right, which is the girl I think looks just like her..

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