Charlie Sheen Says Of His Twin Sons: "They've Made Me A Better Man"


In Touch Weekly landed an exclusive with Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke about their new twin sons, Max and Bob. The entire  interview is available on newstands, but below are some excerpts:

When Charlie Sheen’s fraternal twin boys, Max and Bob, were born on March 15, seven weeks premature, the experience had a profound effect on the Two and a Half Men star. “There are days I don’t even want to go to work because I want to be with my family,” Charlie, 43, tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. It’s hard to believe that Charlie is such a dedicated family man now. Early in his career, the actor battled drug and sex addictions, but 11 years ago, he turned his life around. Last May, he married Brooke Mueller, 31, and is now a doting dad to Max and Bob, daughters Sam, 5, and Lola, 3, from ex-wife Denise Richards, and daughter Cassie, 24. “I feel like I’m doing something for the greater good,” he says. “They’re relying on me to make the right choices so they can have the life they deserve.” Adds Brooke, “I finally feel like everything has fallen into place.” The twins have even made Charlie and Denise closer. “We started noticing when we get along the kids are much happier,” Charlie says. “We had to do what’s best for the girls.” “They are blood relatives,” Brooke adds. “We want them to hang out as much as possible. Denise is totally great, and it’s water under the bridge.”

In Touch Weekly: Have your sons changed you?

Charlie Sheen: Yes, of course. They’ve made me a better man. People think when they get married it will solve selfishness and be about the other person, but really that doesn’t happen until you have children.

Brooke Mueller: I do see him being a better man now that the boys are here. He’s totally involved. I was a little worried I’d be the one doing most of the work, but I was wrong.

In Touch Weekly: Will you have more kids?

Charlie Sheen: I don’t know, we haven’t made any decisions either way. We don’t think it would be fair to the boys right now to introduce another person into their lives so soon. You gotta focus on giving equal attention to both of them right now.

Brooke Mueller: The pregnancy I had was tough. Our children were born so early at just over 4 pounds and it was really difficult and risky. I’m nervous to have another baby. I’d love to have a girl, but we’ll see.

In Touch Weekly: So is this the best time of your life?

Charlie Sheen: There are certain days I wake up and I’m waiting for someone to show up and say, “This is not your life, this is not the life you deserve.” I’m giddy at times because it’s not fair. I’ve had two lives — the crazy one and the stable one. I don’t need to do the crazy one anymore. I did it, I survived and now I focus on things that matter.



  1. Nicole Miller says

    Men can change their ways after hardships/humbling experiences and it seems like Charlie is very vocal about his new path in life. My gut tells me these two are going to make it work. Brook seems crazy in love with him. I also don’t think it is so bad to want a son so badly. Lots of men desire to have a son. I guess he does over emphasize it too much. I think alot of people are shocked and frustrated that a man with such a dirty past is living a clean life now and is happy. People want to see him make more mistakes because it is entertaining for us crazy viewers.

  2. Lisa says

    revoltingly gross comments. Sorry the birth of your first three children did not change you into a “BETTER” man

  3. ? says

    #9 Noname – Yes they did have genetic testing to have boys which I think is disgusting. You should take what God gives you. He’s a loser and she’s with him just b/c of who he is. She’ll find out the hard way what a dead beat dad and creep he is.

  4. anti says

    While Denise was no angel, I can never side with men who are physically abusive to women. Never.

    As for a woman that would follow down that path, knowing what you know, you get what you get. Good luck to Brooke and remember restraining orders always don’t work. Ask Nicole Simpson.

  5. Amanda says

    I am really happy for Charlie. It looks like he is finally happy. I think he really has changed and has found the right women to settle down with. I think he and Denise brought out the worse in each other.
    I am really shocked by some of the comments on here. I mean Denise was/is no angel either.

  6. NoName says

    Didn’t they supposedly use genetic testing to ensure they would have boys?? And now she says she would like a girl? Give me a break! Be happy that your sons have survived being born prematurely. Those poor babies have been born to of the self centered, selfish people I have ever read about. Denise is much better off without him!

  7. miapocca says

    Time bomb will detonate soon and brooke will learn what denise went through firsthand. Maybe then she will apologize.
    Charlie is no angel and too old to change so brooke appears to have shut herself up in a secluded fairytale like the craigslist murderers fiancee. I bet all the hollywood women who know cahrlie are snickering behind her back

  8. ladlam says

    Has he ever even seen his 24-year-old daughter Cassie? I have never seen ANY photos of them together.

    This was an “engineered” pregnancy. I remember before she was pregnant Charlie said he wanted twin sons and suprise- that’s exactly what they got. Same fertility clinic probably as all the other Hollywood twins.

  9. tight2def says

    I only wonder how Cassie feels and if he even has a relationship with her, since she was born during his wilder days. He’s quite a person. He’s speaking as if his children with Denise aren’t still small themselves. “People think when they get married it will solve selfishness and be about the other person, but really that doesn’t happen until you have children.” < Clearly not for him.

  10. Granny says

    “i’d love to have a girl” sounds like wishing not whining to me. Afterall, THEY asked her.

  11. Lucy says

    The fact the woman has just given birth to prem twin boys but states she wants a girl is horrible imo. Be grateful for the beautiful baby boys you have instead in whineing that you want a bloomun girl fgs!

  12. Cocoa says

    I couldn’t agree more. I can’t stand this guy either and I don’t like Brooke’s crooked smile, something dishonest about it. Certainly was an insensitive comment, what about his other children? What a jerk!

  13. ? says

    It took Charlie Sheen to have sons to make him a better man? And that didn’t happen with all his daughters? This guy is full of it. I can’t stand him.

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