Tess Daly & Husband Welcome Their Second Daughter


Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly and husband, Vernon Kay, welcomed their second daughter, Amber Isabella, at a London hospital on May 31st. The little girl weighed 7lb 15oz.

Vernon told the Sunday Mirror, “She is absolutely beautiful and I am thrilled.”

Amber Isabella joins big sister, Phoebe Elizabeth, 4. Phoebe Elizabeth was born by caesarean section, but Tess and Vernon had hoped to have a natural birth this time.

Vernon said recently, “We’re both really excited about the little ‘un. Tess is determined to have a natural birth after having a caesarean last time. We’ve got all the books and looked at lots of pictures of ladies squatting. She’s the best-looking pregnant woman in the world. Her skin is so beautiful right now and everything’s gone great so far.”

The couple confirmed the pregnancy in December after weeks of speculation.

Tess said at the time, “We are over the moon about the prospect of a new addition to our family. We’re very much looking forward to having a brother or sister for Phoebe to play with.”

Tess, 38, is expected to focus on her new baby for the next few months before returning for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing, alongside Bruce Forsyth, in September.

A source said, “Tess loves motherhood more than anything and as a couple family life for them always comes first before work.”


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Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou Welcome A Son


Kimora Lee Simmons and actor Djimon Hounsou have welcomed their first child together.

Kimora twittered, “It’s a boy! Thanks to everyone out there for all your well wishes! More to come. Thank God. And God Bless! Kimora + Djimon Love & Light, KLS”

No baby name was announced. Kimora, 34, has two daughters, Ming Lee, 9, and Aoki Lee, 7, with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, whom she divorced in 2008 after nearly 10 years of marriage.

 Asked if she wanted more kids, Kimora previously told Us magazine, “I would love to. I practice everyday.”


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Tori Spelling In Cookie Magazine


Tori Spelling, 36, is on the cover of the June issue of Cookie Magazine, and opens up about life with Liam, 2, and Stella, 1.

Below are some excerpts from the interview:

Cookie: In your book, you describe Liam as a daddy’s boy. Is that still the case?

Tori: Well, it turns out that Stella is a total mama’s girl. My biggest fear in life was having a girl—how was I going to handle a girl [considering my relationship with my mother]? But for all my fears, without my even trying, Stella wants her mama. When she is in Dean’s arms, she lunges for me the way Liam did for him.

Cookie: You were also very close to your nanny until her death when you were in your early 30s. Did that make hiring a nanny for your own kids less fraught?

Tori: I never understood being competitive with a nanny. If you have someone you trust and who loves your kids, then what an amazing thing you’ve done for them. My kids have Patsy, who is a baby nurse to them and like a mother figure to me. Stella was an unplanned pregnancy, and I think it happened so I could keep Patsy longer. I am very sad Nanny and my dad never got to meet my kids. I have this little bear that was Nanny’s, and I always bring it when I fly. I recently showed it to Liam and explained that the bear is like a grandparent who looks out for us. He grabbed it and kissed it.

Cookie: Considering the Spelling family business, do you let your kids watch TV?

Tori: TV is basically my life, so to be the mom who says, “My kids will never watch,” would be totally hypocritical. We try to strike a balance; it’s a work in progress.

Cookie: What’s your favorite family ritual these days?

Tori: Family dinner is huge on my list. I feel like it’s good to start it now. When Liam and Stella are eating in their high chairs, Dean and I try to eat something, so we’re all sitting down together. I see this continuing the rest of their lives. When they’re all grown up and out of the house, maybe once a week they’ll come home for family dinner.

Cookie: What’s one of the weirder parts of being pregnant in Hollywood?

Tori: During both pregnancies, people touched my belly a lot. I would never do that to a pregnant woman—it’s a personal thing. And if I did, I’d say, “Your belly is so cute, can I touch it?” But when fans did it, I couldn’t say, “Please don’t touch,” because then it would be, “What a bitch!” At a certain point, I just decided that [my second baby] Stella was getting a lot of love in there.

Cookie: How much does it suck to have to lose baby weight in Hollywood?

Tori: Well, after I’d given birth to Stella, some woman at the market grabbed my belly and asked when I was due. When she had the flab in her hand, she realized her mistake. And the first time I went out after I had Liam, the paparazzi were around and I remember trying to hold my stomach in, even though my muscles were shot to hell, because it’s not like they want the story, “Look at the happy couple, they just had a baby!” They want, “Do you see her stomach? We thought she already had the baby.” But I always say the weeklies build you up to tear you down. It’s a funny cycle. The week before they were asking, “Is she too thin?” they showed a picture of me in a bikini on the beach and said I looked great.

For the entire article and interview click here and the issue will hit newsstands on Tuesday!

For more photos of Tori and her family click here. For a video of Tori on balancing parenthood and Hollywood click here!


Ellen Pompeo "So Excited" to Be a Mom, Says Jessica Capshaw


Ellen Pompeo, 39, is ready to be a mom according to her Grey’s Anatomy costar, Jessica Capshaw.

“She is so on top of it, and she is so excited and she is very sweet about it,” Jessica told Us magazine at an event at the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills on Thursday. “She is doing her research.”

Jessica, who welcomed her first child, Luke, in September 2007, hasn’t had to give any parenting advice.

“She doesn’t need any,” Jessica told Us magazine. “She is exactly the way that she should be about it, which is really excited and hopeful but at the same time really pragmatic and planning. And I think that is the best way for her to be.”

Jessica also shared that she doesn’t know if Ellen’s pregnancy will be written into next season’s show.

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