1. Lila ~*~ says

    Hey,#7, did anyone ever tell you that what you say about others actually says more about you? In your statement, it’s not Sharon who comes off as the bitter one,my dear.

  2. me says

    Sharon is a weirdo. She’s went through 3 husbands without having any bilogical children so she gave up in the end and adopted all boys later in life. I think she’s on a mission to have boys because I don’t think she would want any girls taking the limelight away from her. She’s a bitter man hater and will breed this hate in her boys.

  3. morvicaud says

    You’re right! You definitely don’t/can’t carry an 8 year old! I tried that for the last time a week again. My 8 year old is skinny but too heavy for me … and I’m not as skinny as Sharon!
    Who’s Laird?

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