Rebecca Romijn's Secret To Losing The Baby Weight


(In the above pic Rebecca was snapped leaving her hotel in Toronto earlier this month for work on her new movie “The Love Child”)

Rebecca, 36, has revealed that her secret workout to losing almost all of the 60 pounds that she put on while pregnant with her twin daughters is…..nothing!

“I think within the first three weeks, I took off like 35 pounds without doing anything!” Rebecca told Extra in her first interview since giving birth to daughters Charlie and Dolly on December 28th. “I haven’t been able to work out that much because I have twins. It’s impossible to get back into a regular schedule.” 

And just like Angelina Jolie, Rebecca said that the one thing that has helped her lose weight is nursing her daughters. “Breastfeeding is the very best diet I’ve been on,” she revealed. “It’s amazing. It’s like you have to eat 5,000 extra calories a day or you can’t produce enough food for them.”

Rebecca does admit that she needs a little help: “I’m not pretending to be back to the shape I was in beforehand anyway. I still have a ways to go…We’ve got Spanx underneath almost everything.”

When asked if she has any problems telling the twins apart from each other, Rebecca replied, “No because they look completely different,” she explained. “One looks just like Jerry. Her name is Charlie and the other one looks just like me. Her name is Dolly. She’s a blonde and Charlie is a  brunette and I think they are both just gorgeous.”

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  1. Kat Cantu says

    I couldn’t breast feed, but just by having to carry my super long and lead weighted child around everywhere coupled with cleaning the house on a daily basis made me lose all of my pregnancy weight in three months, and now at six months pp i’m ten pounds below it and looking to lose another fifteen to get to my high school weight. I’m already a smaller size than I was as a teenager too!

  2. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Rebecca really is a beauty. I can’t wait to see the girls more because I’m sure they are gorgeous as well! I’m also warming up to their names– they don’t seem as bad as they did to me when I first heard them.

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