Jessica Alba & Honor Marie Out For Breakfast


Jessica Alba, 28, was snapped out for breakfast at Urth Caffe in West Hollywood, CA with daughter Honor Marie, 10-months-old.

Splash News Online


  1. Mpule says

    Jessica Alba! you are really an amazing mom, yo little mbumbu (meaning baby) is as healthy as you are. Luv you lots!

  2. Kelli says

    You know, Honor is not a cute baby. But I really like seeing pictures of her and Jessica because it is clear that Jess is head over heels in love with her baby and it is sweet to see. Honor will grow into her looks and probably be a beauty, she has really good genes in the looks department.

  3. Cocoa says

    Obviously I was just joking…you need to lighten up a little. To me people who can’t lighten up should not be allowed to vote….!!! Just relax sue and go find a sense of humour.

  4. sue says

    Yes, Cocoa. In her 10 months I am sure that she has NEVER smiled. Never. Not once. Never. And people wonder why I frown at the concept of letting everyone vote. People who make comments like Cocoa did should not be allowed to vote.

  5. Cocoa says

    Aww, look at those big smiles….oh wait a minute, forget it…lol! I wonder if this child has ever smiled? I bet she’s be cuter if she did…!

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